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The Client

Best Gaming Technology (BGT) approached imageHOLDERS to create a custom betting terminal using tablet technology to be used in store across UK bookmakers.

The kiosk brief emphasised the importance of security whilst space saving and specified the enclosure of a Flytech touchscreen alongside multiple OEM devices. imageHOLDERS worked closely with BGT and adapted to an evolving technical brief which resulted in the creation of the tablet Compact Kiosk.

The Challenge

The Compact Kiosk solution considerably reduces the cost of ownership of a betting terminal in comparison to a traditional machine making them more accessible to businesses. It also removes the need for expensive hardware maintenance contracts. Compact Kiosks are able to be displayed attached to a wall, on a podium or leaning rail providing versatility for smaller retail spaces and take up considerably less space compared to traditional kiosks.

imageHOLDERS tablet enclosures are already designed to be extremely secure, manufactured using powder coated steel and able to handle heavy usage in public spaces. For extra security, this kiosk comes complete with a trigger switch that immediately alerts staff if there has been any tampering with the undercounter unit.

The Results

The tablet Compact Kiosks consist of a Shell+ 15 tablet enclosure securely holding a Flytech touchscreen and barcode scanner with an under counter unit, housing a contactless card reader, cash acceptor and receipt printer. The Compact Kiosk has now been rolled out to over 200 Coral bookies across the UK with further deployment scheduled for 2017. Customers are able to place bets and play games using the BGT software on the tablet Compact Kiosk.

Benefits of Gambling Kiosks

Queue Busting

Self-service check-in kiosks can reduce check-in times to under one minute.

Improve Customer Service

Self-service kiosks can reduce wait times and allow staff to provide a more personal service.

Drive Growth

Self-service kiosks provide low cost service at all times, enhancing customer service and increasing sales.

Share Information

Interactive touch screen kiosks and digital signage increase customer satisfaction, due to the streamlined user journey.

Capture Valuable Data

Capture real time data and contact information with sign up forms on tablet kiosks.

Enhanced Security

Kiosks provide high security access control solutions for staff and health and safety conscious visitor management.

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