The Client

Robotics Innovations offer turnkey robot systems with a full range of services to support new and existing robotic systems. Their latest venture is a bar in Las Vegas manned by two robot bartenders, called The Tipsy Robot. The Tipsy Robot bar is located within the “50-Yard Line” of the Las Vegas Strip, surrounding Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, which opened on 30th June 2017 to the public.

The Challenge

To combine robot technology with traditional service. The Tipsy Robot combines robotic technology with traditional service. Customers are offered the choice of creating a drink using the tablet kiosks and having the beverage created by a robot, or visiting a traditional bar with a human barman. The kiosks needed to be mounted on a specialist table and enclose contactless and swipe readers.

Our Thinking

By tailoring the Slimline+ tablet kiosk, we could ensure that the tablet, contactless card reader and swipe card reader kept secure on a counter mounted arm, whilst remaining stylish and in keeping with the futuristic vibe of the venue. The tablet kiosks enclosed a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, alongside a contactless reader, which required a specialist hub by LAVA Computers. The LAVA hub provided extra ports whilst regulating battery usage. A Magtek Dynamag card swipe reader was externally mounted to accept payment and secured with a custom side bracket.

Stephan Mornet, Vice President, Robotic Innovations said: “Working with imageHOLDERS has been a pleasure. They understood our vision and used their knowledge to assist us in creating the perfect solution for visitors to use. It’s been an exciting time in the lead up to the launch of The Tipsy Robot and we’re pleased by the response we’ve received from visitors and press. The tablet kiosks provide the perfect solution for customers to order, personalise and pay for their drinks. We’re excited to see where the future of Tipsy Robot will lead.”
Christian Bosence, Account Manager, imageHOLDERS said: “Robotic Innovations provided a really exciting project for imageHOLDERS and we were excited to work together combining robotics and tablet technology. The Slimline tablet kiosks were an ideal solution for Tipsy Robot, integrating contactless technology with swipe readers to create a POS and ordering kiosk for customers. We look forward to seeing where the next Tipsy Robot bar launches.”