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Kiosks: The Newest Time Management Solution for the Hospitality Sector

In the hospitality sector, time-management is imperative to ensure smooth-running business operations. Time management plays a vital role in both employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Interactive kiosks are an omnichannel approach that can vastly improve front and back of house operations. Thus multiplying sales and enhancing the customer experience.


Save customers time = save staff time

Kiosk solutions are a customer-centric solution. Meaning they allow customers to interact with a business on their terms. Consumer spending is increasing at a rapid rate. Consequently, customer centric approaches are in high demand.

Customers are looking for the most efficient way to pay – 30% of customers prefer to pay at POS kiosks.  Chip and pin integration make self-service kiosks an efficient and customer focused choice.

Hotels can use iPad kiosk solutions to create a smooth check-in and out process. Saving time for both the customer and receptionists.

Another way hotels can improve their time management is by implementing iPad kiosk solutions as a virtual concierge. Kiosks can answer common customer queries immediately, which improves the customer’s experience.


Accelerate Internal Operations

interactive kiosks in the hospitality sector can simplify time management in internal operations. Many hotels and restaurants extend the use of kiosk solutions to modernise back of house functions. Personnel are able to check stock and analyse sales data at the touch of a button. This not only increases business efficiency, but greatly improves staff productivity.

A self-service kiosk can serve as a simple way to cut-down internal admin time. Some examples of how internal processes can be simplified are:

  • Access control systems and manage rooms in hotels, improving security.
  • Streamline HR processes by using kiosks to allow employees to fill out HR admin and complete training courses.



Digitise Restaurants and Bars

Many restaurants and bars have digitised menus to speed up service and save time on menu design and maintenance. Interactive menus, such as the Totem 42 floor standing kiosk can show customers dynamic video content and bring food and drink products to life. iPad kiosk solutions make it easy for restaurants to update their menus and keep up to date with current consumer trends. With the ability to A/B test digital menu boards, it’s easier than ever for restaurants to adapt their menu.



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