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imageHOLDERS Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary in the Digital Kiosk Industry


Jonny Christmas



Celebrating a fantastic 10 years since the launch of imageHOLDERS in December 2013

10-Year Anniversary Plaque

Looking back at a historical 10 years in business.

December 2023 marks 10 years since imageHOLDERS was fully launched. It is a decade which has seen many fantastic years of growth, world-class kiosk design and some remarkable landmarks.

Interestingly, imageHOLDERS was actually founded in 2001 by Adrian Thompson, who had a vision to make technology accessible for all. However, with tablet technology not available on the open market until the late 2000s and the first Apple iPad only being launched in 2010, imageHOLDERS was very much ahead of its time!

By 2013, technology had evolved sufficiently for Adrian to turn his business vision into a reality and he launched imageHOLDERS fully in December 2013.

While we celebrate a wonderful 10 years, we look back at how technology has changed how we as users interact with it, as well as taking a moment to reflect on the past decade. From our first £1 million order, surviving a global pandemic and becoming an award-winning company, we have listed some of the most significant highlights here in our 10-year history in the timeline below:

10-Year Celebration Team Photo

2013 – 2023

Celebrating significant landmarks in imageHOLDERS 10-year history from
2013 – 2023:


imageHOLDERS relaunched by Adrian Thompson, with his cousin Pete Thompson joining as a Director.


Relocated from London to Dorset with a brand new manufacturing facility.


Annual sales exceeded £1million for the first time (2015). 1st fully injection-moulded enclosure (Loxo 10) was created.


imageHOLDERS underwent more than 100% growth.


First £0.5 million received in PO, relocated to a larger site at Ferndown Industrial Estate.


First £1million order in PO.


100% sales growth.


imageHOLDERS double sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. Canadian operations established in the form of imageHOLDERS SOLUTIONS Ltd.


Awarded the 2021 Queen’s Award for Export & Enterprise.

Private Equity investment from ScaleUp Capital. Launch of imageHOLDERS Kiosk Management Service.


Director Pete Thompson moves over to Vancouver, British Columbia to take over our newly established Canadian operation.


First United Airlines kiosk to be shipped. US entity created in the form of imageHOLDERS INC. Richard Satchell (CEO) and Richard Goodworth (CFO) join the company.


Countries delivered to worldwide.


Global customers


Estimated kioks users.


Kiosks built

Map of Global Deliveries