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How to Increase Footfall with iPad Stands

Tablet kiosks are a cost effective, modern solution for businesses looking to increase footfall, by offering a digital experience that can also be used as a marketing and data collection tool. Here’s 4 ways to increase footfall in your shop:

1. Offer an experience

Offer more than just a transaction in store. With so much competition between retail stores on high streets, it’s important your store stands out by doing something different. Use iPad retail stands to engage users and make them stay longer by showing your catalogue, outfit ideas and free engaging content. Place them around the store or close to checkouts to make waiting times more enjoyable and encourage customers to make impulse purchases.

For the restaurant trade, restaurants that offer a digital dining experience receive higher footfall, with self-service kiosks forming less queues and entertainment kiosks keeping customers longer.

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2. Incite the public from the pavement

Secure iPad stands can be placed outside a business to encourage users to step inside. If your shop is beautiful on the inside but lacking space for advertising on the outside, it’s important you make use of that pavement! Gain maximum footfall by advertising special offers, events and more to incite interest.

3. Create a pop up shop

Pop up shops are a fantastic way to reach customers who may not know of, or ever encounter your business. Meeting customers on the street is a great way of tempting them into your shop and building brand awareness. Place an iPad floor stand nearby and encourage passers-by to check out the latest deals available in your store, restaurant or casino,  to give more information about free samples and much more. Changing weather conditions can also affect footfall, and with a pop up iPad retail stand you can ensure that your shop is always where your customers are.

4. Invest in data capture

Manage your customer’s relationship with your brand by gathering data about their preferences. Promote customer surveys using iPad retail displays; touch screen interactive surveys are much more likely to attract users, coupled with gift incentives for completion. Knowing more about your customer’s shopping habits within your store can help you spot where you’re not serving them and help build a reputation among new ones.

Tablet Kiosks and iPad Enclosures for Hospitality and Hotels

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