Tablet technology increasing customer engagement

As the health and leisure industry expands, businesses are taking advantage of technological opportunities to change the way customer interact with their business. From check-in kiosks to feedback tablets, businesses are able to save on resources with low cost of ownership solutions, whilst investing in their customer's experience.

By utilising tablet kiosks with built in fingerprint readers, users can gain access to a busy 24/7 gym through biometrics, which can also store data on the frequency of users visiting. Self check-in kiosks and self-serve ticketing kiosks can also assist in influencing loyalty schemes, vouchers and newsletters to enhance user engagement.

Tablet kiosks are having a positive impact on the leisure industry, with companies like Hollywood Bowl utilising interactive touch screen kiosks to increase customer engagement.

Places for People Leisure - Location Photography (6)

Self-service check-in kiosk at Places Leisure Eastleigh.

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imageHOLDERS Insights

The Automated Gym: Gym of the Future

The automated gym is the future. Discover how gym tablet kiosks can increase sign ups, retention and make you stand out from the crowd with imageHOLDERS here.

Key Benefits

Large markets and potential

1 in 7 people in the UK are members of a leisure centre

Invest in a highly valuable industry

Total market value now estimated to be £4.4 billion

Drive growth

Self-service check in kiosks provide low cost service 24/7

Access control security

Room management kiosks with access control can improve time management and security

Entertainment tablet kiosks

Encourage guests to spend time browsing articles and increase customer satisfaction in the consumer journey

Express check-in and check-out kiosks

Invest in customer time with easy and quick payment kiosks and check-in stands.

Stay ahead of the competition

224 new public and private fitness facilities opened in the last 12 months

Information kiosks increase customer satisfaction

Shopping centre kiosks, bar kiosks, interaction touch screen kiosks all increase customer satisfaction with the customer journey.

Device Integration

Device Integration

Combine your iPad or tablet with any device securely within our enclosure to create the ultimate multi-functional tablet kiosk solution.

Our products

Our products

Our enclosures are created with the client in mind, from the cost-efficient Core to the Integrator Pro, our tablet and iPad kiosks suit all industries.