Configure Your Order Guide

Our products are able to be tailored to your exact specifications. Whether that’s your make of  tablet, bezel branding, or access to a specific port on the tablet, we will ensure your tablet enclosure meets your requirements.

Here is a guide to the terminology we’ve used within our “Configure Your Order” section on the product pages. If you need immediate assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us on +441202 892 863 or when we are online, use our live chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of the site.

Tablet Device

This refers to the tablet you would like to place within the enclosure. If your tablet isn’t listed, simply chosen “My tablet is not listed” and after completing the order form, provide your contact details so we can discuss your chosen tablet. Just because your tablet isn’t listed, doesn’t mean we can’t fit it!

If you don’t know the best tablet for your project, give us a call on +44 (0) 1202 892863 or use the chat box at the lower corner of the screen to talk to an advisor.

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Front Camera and Button Access

  • Fully revealed: leaves the front camera and menu buttons accessible to all users.
  • Fully concealed: hides the front camera and menu buttons .
  • Camera concealed, buttons revealed: hides the camera and leaves the menu buttons accessible
  • Camera revealed, buttons concealed: leaves the front camera revealed and the menu buttons hidden


Bezel Material

There are two materials we use across our range – acrylic and steel. Acrylic is just as secure as steel, therefore it’s a matter of preference. Some enclosures will only offer one  of these options.


Enclosure Colour

`Enclosures are generally available as black or white as standard.

Should you wish for another colour, select “other” and we will contact you to colour match the enclosure to your exact specifications (minimum quantities may apply).


Graphic Panel Branding

This is an option for floor standing enclosures with a brandable graphic panel. If you would like to apply your own artwork or logos to the brandable graphic panel, select ‘Yes’ and we will contact you to discuss your specifications. If you choose  “No”, you’ll receive a blank panel matching your selected enclosure colour.

For more information about branding, click here.


Bezel Branding

If you would like branding on the bezel, select ‘Yes’ and we will contact you to discuss your specifications. Selecting ‘No’ will provide you with a plain bezel in either white or black to match your chosen enclosure colour. For more information about branding, click here.


Additional Tablet Access

This refers to additional features on the tablet such as the headphone or ethernet port. Should you require access to a feature which isn’t the camera or the home button, select ‘Yes’ and we will contact you to discuss your specifications and provide you with the relevant tablet access (subject to additional charges).


Device Integration

This refers to the addition of contactless readers, ID scanners etc. If the option is visible, it means the enclosure is compatible with extra devices. Select ‘Yes’ if you require device integration, and we will contact you to discuss the specifications of the device and the compatibility with the enclosure.
For more information on imageHOLDERS tablet enclosures and configuring your order or for advice on our services, talk to imageHOLDERStoday by emailing or call UK +44(0)1202 892 863 | USA 1-888-858-9778.

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