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Integrated Kiosk Family

The ultimate integrator in kiosk solutions. Tablet or touchscreens & 5+ devices.

Curved and Straight Full Integration Kiosk

Our Integration Kiosks have been designed to encourage interaction with users. They’re stylish and welcoming with brand able graphics panels for curated marketing. Ideal for online banking, key drop services, check-in desks and much more.

Integration Kiosk Key Features

Portrait & Landscape

Fits up to 22″ Tablets

Black, White & Custom Colours

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Custom Design

The Integration Kiosk can be straight or curved, with a variety of options for the shelf material, such as metal and acrylic. The whole solution has been designed to be branded and in keeping with your company’s branding.

Future-Proof Design

Our kiosks are designed to be future proof, ensuring that if your chosen tablet, touchscreen or device becomes end of life, you can easily upgrade without having to order a new kiosk. Simply change the front panel, bezel or tray depending on your update. Simple.

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