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Why aren’t more restaurants embracing technology?

Quick Service Restaurants, QSR’s, are starting to introduce self-service functionality to improve customer services and increase revenue. Despite self-service being a prominent feature within the news, and QSR’s making noise about integrating restaurant kiosks, the industry as a whole is not embracing technology at the rate which consumers expect.

As McDonald’s rolls out further self-service kiosks within their restaurants across the US and worldwide, other QSRs are only just starting their journey to catch up.

Starbucks mobile ordering system encourages users to utilise their phones as self-service ordering systems, yet instore is seeing baristas struggling to keep up with the increase of orders. By integrating self-service kiosks within their stores, Starbucks could move more staff onto creating the coffees, increasing revenue and consumer satisfaction.  

Shell Slim Tablet Kiosks for Restaurants and Entertainment Hubs

What are the benefits of utilising technology in QSR’s?

There are a number of benefits of utilising tablet technology within Quick Service Restaurants some of which are:

  • Queue busting
  • Express ordering
  • Digital menus
  • Entertainment hubs
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Higher rate of upsell

Crepeaffaire work with imageHOLDERS on POS tablet kiosk

4 Myths of Quick Service Restaurants and Technology

The primary concerns restaurateurs have when looking into investing in technology to perform as POS,self-servicee or loyalty kiosks are:

  • Cost
  • Updates
  • Security risks
  • Education

How Tablet Kiosks Can Overcome QSR Concerns

  • The cost of integrating technology within QSR’s

The cost of ownership for a POS tablet kiosk is considerably less than other solutions and maintenance costs are insignificant compared to traditional kiosk costs. A modular kiosk allows for malfunctioning parts to be easily replaced with minimal hassle.

  • Updates to POS technology or self-service kiosks

Any new update which is required is easily performed on a tablet, or should the tablet need replacing with a new model, the bezel can easily be swapped to enclose a different tablet creating a future proof solution.

  • The security risks of integrating technology within QSR’s

Tablet kiosks are designed to be highly secure, with use cases in some of the most high traffic locations such as McDonald’s.

  • Educating staff on new technologies

Over 1 billion people were expected to own a tablet by the end of 2016, and it’s hard to find someone who isn’t familiar with tablet interfaces. There is no need to worry about educating staff over how to use a tablet kiosk, it’s ingrained into society.

Integrating technology within Quick Service Restaurants is expected by customers and staff alike. It helps to speed up transactions, create upsell opportunities and collect valuable data for head office to make executive decisions based on.

Tablet kiosks are cost effective, simple to use and easy to install. Simples.


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