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The Automated Gym: Gym of the Future

80% of the 45 million Americans who have a gym membership don’t use it, and 30% are too intimidated. Gym tablet kiosks can help gym users rediscover their confidence in understanding fitness and make you stand out from the competition.

A lack of willpower and not feeling confident tackling the fitness machines, or knowing you’re working out right, can easily contribute to low gym attendance. Help your potential customers overcome this by creating an automated gym with helpful and informative gym tablet kiosks. Here’s how…

Create an easy sign-up and check-in process

Automate sign-ups and checks-in and control access by placing tablet kiosks in your entrance. If you don’t already, allow users to sign up to the gym in your reception area with a gym kiosk that’s integrated with a card reader. It requires no extra programming, as users can access your website on the kiosk, ideal for a seamless omnichannel strategy.

Kiosks can also be used as the interface which controls entry; require gym IDs by integrating the kiosk with an ID scanner or require pin entry via the touch screen to enable 24 hour access. Go one step further and use biometrics with access via fingerprints. Users could also view class timetables and book or pay for the classes they’d like to attend at the touch of a button.

Places for People Leisure - Location Photography

Self-service check-in kiosk at Places Leisure Eastleigh.

Create information points across your gym

It’s likely that customers won’t know how or why to use the machines in your gym if they haven’t been before, and asking a personal trainer could be intimidating. Create information points around your gym with tablet kiosks that display interactive content such as how to videos that let users learn at their own pace. The potential of this is unlimited; our tablet enclosures can enclose Apple, Samsung, Google tablets and more so that you can install any gym software you need.Tablet Kiosks for Health and Leisure

Create more resourceful content

With so much conflicting information in the fitness sphere, it may be hard for your customers to know exactly what form of exercise is right for their goals. Create private portals where your customers can enter their stats, find workout tips, fitness recommendations and more on the gym kiosk for a personalised experience.

Promote other services

Advertise your gym’s offerings via tablet enclosures, from enhanced memberships to discounts, personal trainers and more. Create an additional revenue stream by selling advertising space on your kiosks to external companies, and offer your members a direct line of communication to gym management via a feedback function. The possibilities for automation are endless!

The automated gym is the future and the key to engaging an intimidated audience.  Install tablet kiosks bespoke to your gym’s needs with imageHOLDERS kiosk solutions. Talk to one of our kiosk experts by calling +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or 1-888-858-9778 (US) or email [email protected].

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