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Product Launch

Rugged-Secure™ iPad Self Service Kiosks Launched at UEL’s New Stratford Library

A few months ago, imageHOLDERS were commissioned by the University of East London (UEL) to design and manufacture nine custom iPad kiosk stands for use within the brand new Stratford campus library, known as the NSL. This state of the art facility is now open 24 hours a day with 28,000 students passing through to use the resources.

Last week, imageHOLDERS spent a day at the NSL to install all nine units. Working alongside the UEL facilities and in-house electrician team, we began the final phase of this project and roll out. Having translated UEL’s brief for secure, rugged and stunning units from concept to development, we are pleased to reveal these images and video of the installation and deployment. The units included six full-length Rugged-Secure™ Steel Tablet Kiosks and three low level Rugged-Secure™ Tablet Kiosks for Wheelchair Users, which were designed to maximise accessibility whilst remaining comfortable. The installation took place across three floors of the NSL, with three units positioned at central areas on each.

Each floor of the NSL provided new challenges to the imageHOLDERS and UEL facilities team. The iPad kiosks on the ground floor had to be secured to a solid concrete surface. This meant a site survey and expert drilling had to take place to ensure no cables or underground wires were damaged. The first and second levels were quite the opposite, with suspended floors to navigate. New fixing methods were put in place to ensure all iPad kiosks were safely secured to all of the floor surfaces, complying with health and safety standards of the UEL. Such challenges highlight that our range of products can be secured to any surface, leaving your business reassured that no matter what environment in which you wish to deploy tablet kiosks, imageHOLDERS can provide a solution.

Positioned in the entrance of the NSL ground floor, and in central positions of the first and second floors, the Rugged-Secure™ iPad kiosk stands are in a prime location to encourage user interaction. The function of these kiosks allows UEL students to access cloud based library resources, whilst the sturdy ledge acts as a table top so that users can write down any information they need.

The ultra secure and sleek design upholds the criteria and state of the art facility of the NSL. The iPad 4 devices are securely enclosed within the units by our standard locking mechanism, plus an additional steel rear cover which can only be accessed by those with the key. In order to comply with further public sector safety standards, imageHOLDERS have also developed a secure, powder coated steel cover for the power supply and plug socket. This allows the iPad kiosks to be bolted to the floor and accessed by authorised personnel only.
UEL are so “delighted” with the Rugged-Secure™ iPad kiosks that they have commissioned imageHOLDERS to design and manufacture another bespoke project. We’ll bring you more information on that in the near future. Plus, these units will soon be listed within the UEL’s internal product catalog making them available for other divisions within the university, or similar facilities to order our similar products.

Being at the centre of Europe’s largest regeneration centres, it’s no surprise that UEL are integrating tablet technology and deploying interactive kiosks to create a new user experience for their students. And it doesn’t have to stop there – the public sector and educational institutes can greatly benefit from the integration of tablets and secure enclosures. imageHOLDERS have worked alongside a number of different universities to create interactive POS solutions, marketing and sales tools, including Coventry University and the University of Leicester.

For more information on our fully integrated kiosk solutions or tablet enclosures, please get in touch with the imageHOLDERS team today via email at[email protected] or call +44 (0) 1202 892 863.