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Product Launch

imageHOLDERS successfully deliver Integrator Pro and Shell+ OEM integrated tablet enclosures

imageHOLDERS has successfully delivered multi-device integrated enclosures for access control and digital registration to be used within schools.

imageHOLDERS were commissioned to make two sets of four enclosures which needed to integrated a contactless reader, fingerprint scanner and receipt printer.

The client required two separate sets of enclosures, the Integrator Pro and the Shell+ 12, both housing Microsoft’s Surface 3.

The Integrator Pro was created for people who are visiting the school, integrating a contactless NFC reader for ID’s and codes, a fingerprint scanner for further identification, and a printer to provide a receipt for access to the school and as a form of ID for the campus grounds.

The Shell+ 12 was configured as a check-in kiosk for students to use as both access control and as virtual registration. By integrating a contactless reader and fingerprint scanner, students were able to virtual register themselves into class. The enclosures save time for students and teachers and also acts as a safety feature which records students’ journey to and from school.

imageHOLDERS have worked closely with OEM device manufacturers and have established a partnership with Custom printers, and as such were able to recommend the Custom TG2460H for this project.

Pete Thompson, Director, imageHOLDERS, said “We have integrated multiple devices into our enclosures before, but this is the first time we have integrated a fingerprint scanner within our Integrator Pro, and we’re really pleased with the results. We have worked hard to partner with leading OEM manufacturers, and were pleased to work with Custom on another project.”

By integrating multiple devices within tablets there are unlimited E.POS and M.POS opportunities available, including self-service, customer feedback, e-commerce, security and ID checks, ticket vending, access control, room bookings and printing vouchers.

imageHOLDERS Shell+ range is the most secure iPad and tablet enclosure kiosk available on the market. The enclosure is extremely flexible and can be counter mounted, wall mounted or freestanding to meet customer requirements. The Shell+ range is available in different size variations to cover a multitude of different tablets available in today’s market, including but not limited to Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Google Nexus.