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imageHOLDERS Present a Low-Cost, Tablet Wall Mount Variant

A Cost Effective Tablet Wall Mount. Simple to Assemble, Effective Tamper Proof Security and Clean Design.

Answering a great many customers’ requests for a basic, simple tablet wall mount, ‘The Core’ was developed to present tablets in a no-nonsense, low cost, practical way.

With the proliferation of low cost computer tablets being used in business, industry and retail for straight forward applications such as timekeeping, product searches, calendar entries, imageHOLDERS had been getting regular requests for less a complicated tablet wall mount that would protect the tablet and present simple functionality.

For situations where tampering or theft are not as much of an issue but the tablet still has to function and stay in one place, it is still possible to make the tablet safe, functional and well presented. With flexible access, lockable cartridges and device orientation taken out of the design, production costs are kept to a minimum and these savings passed onto the customer.

However, the Core 8 iPad and tablet wall mount will satisfy basic safekeeping issues, securing tablets in a tablet wall mount that is fixed directly to the wall and simple security screws locking the front panel in place.

Ideal for semi permanent applications such as trade show stands but just as at home in domestic or office based automated systems; the Core 8 iPad wall mount will place computer tablets, safely in the hands of users without compromising security or intentions.

imageHOLDERS have always based their design and manufacturing process on solving actual business problems and this entry cost, wall mounted enclosure employs exactly the right amount of manufacturing quality, design and materials to give potential users an elegant solution for the right investment.

imageHOLDERS will be taking delivery of the first units later in February 2015 and in addition to the orders taken that instigated the whole design process, interest in this product is already high.

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