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imageHOLDERS partners with LAVA to seamlessly connect Samsung tablets with devices

imageHOLDERS have forged a partnership with USB hub and adaptors company LAVA to provide tablet enclosures that seamlessly connect Samsung tablets with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) devices, thus creating fully integrated tablet kiosk solutions.

Image shows a Shell+ 12 counter mounted tablet enclosure with NFC contactless reader and LAVA hub for Samsung tablets. 

ImageHOLDERS enclosures including the Shell+ and Integrator Pro allow businesses to seamlessly enclose their desired tablet alongside required OEM devices such as printers, scanners, NFC and card readers. LAVA hubs and adaptors provide the link between Samsung tablets and other OEM devices which enables imageHOLDERS to create the optimum tablet kiosk solution for enterprises who require more than just an enclosed tablet experience.

Multi-device tablet kiosks offer unlimited E.POS and M.POS opportunities, including self-service, customer feedback, e-commerce, security and ID checks, ticket vending, access control, room bookings and printing vouchers.

LAVA boards make simultaneous tablet charging and USB data support possible with better USB connectivity and higher tablet charging rates. LAVA Samsung tablet connectivity boards enable you to integrate scanners, printers, magstripe readers and other USB peripherals within an imageHOLDERS tablet enclosure.

LAVA hubs also provide wired Ethernet, solving WIFI issues, and Power over Ethernet (POE) for commercial tablet applications, eliminating the need for expensive electrician costs for installing power outlets, thereby significantly reducing tablet enclosure installation and ownership costs.

Mark Winnicki, Vice President of Sales, LAVA, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with imageHOLDERS to provide the best solution for connecting Samsung tablets with other devices. LAVA hubs and adaptors enable a more robust tablet operation, increased application platform flexibility and lower deployment and maintenance costs making it the ideal choice for businesses.”

Pete Thompson, Operations Director, imageHOLDERS, said: “Partnering with LAVA is a great opportunity for us to provide our customers with the optimum solution for connecting Samsung tablets with OEM devices to create fully integrated tablet kiosks. LAVA hubs solve a key problem, as most tablet only have one USB port which is used for charging the tablet, up until now it has not been possible to connect devices whist keeping the tablet connected to power.”

imageHOLDERS integrated tablet kiosks can benefit any business looking to implement omnichannel marketing, engage customers and improve customer service and retention. Furthermore, they are ideal for queue management, access control, ID checking, and producing tickets and when teamed with a data capture app, tablet kiosks can provide a range of information and statistics that are invaluable for planning and improving services.

For more information on our fully integrated kiosk solutions or tablet enclosures, please get in touch with the imageHOLDERS team today via email at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1202 892 863.

Keely Marsango
Digital Content Manager
[email protected]