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Product Launch

imageHOLDERS Launch Three Floor Standing Kiosks

imageHOLDERS have added three upgraded kiosks to their portfolio of stylish and secure iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures.

The three floor stands are compatible with all of the current tablet enclosures, from the 22” Shell+ to the modular 10” Loxo, the flexibility across imageHOLDERS product range ensures even off the shelf orders can be tailored.

The three kiosks provide a different design on the traditional floor stand.

  1. Curved graphics panel, providing a 3D effect to 2D graphics
  2. Straight graphics panel, an elegant take on the traditional
  3. LED graphics panel, a bright and bold statement.

The kiosks are designed to encourage customers to use the tablet through the inclusion of a shelf, providing a welcoming display. The graphics panel can be easily changed using a simple key to unlock the front panel, replacing the graphics when required. The LED panel can also be easily changed with the front graphics panel, ensuring a future proof design.

Adrian Thompson, CEO, imageHOLDERS said: “We are constantly learning at imageHOLDERS. Our original design was revolutionary when we first launched it, and we feel that the latest design will also make waves. Designed to keep the same key parts, customers can change the design at a later date, from a curved, to an LED panel or even add a shelf. The parts are designed to be modular and work with the end user.”

The three kiosks were presented at ICE Totally Gaming and RBTE and received an excellent reception.

The most popular enclosure to be partnered with the new floorstanding units is the Loxo tablet enclosure. This tablet enclosure is made from glass filled polycarbonate, making it our most secure tablet enclosure yet.

Find out how imageHOLDERS secure tablet kiosks and iPad enclosures could benefit your business. Please call us on 01202 892 863 (UK) or 1 877 450 2172 (US) for more information and to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, email [email protected].

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Rochelle Carr
Digital Marketing Executive
[email protected]