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How to Automate Your Business with Tablet Enclosures

Automation tools can help B2B businesses increase efficiency and improve internal and external processes. Choose tablet enclosures and kiosk stands for a futureproof, limitless, and innovative solution to automating your business.

The first step to automating your business is to identify the most repetitive functions throughout the office. From meetings, visitor management and marketing, each process can be streamlined and made more effective by incorporating tablet enclosures and kiosk stands.


Conference and meeting rooms can often be met with complications such as double bookings and difficult phone systems. Solve this by using a wall mounted tablet enclosure to organise bookings. These tablet enclosures can display timetables so employees can view/book meetings at the door, whilst syncing with their personal calendars. By incorporating a tablet kiosk stand also within the meeting room, a presenter can bring business meetings to life by displaying interactive data or connecting to other offices via video chat for simple conference calls.

You can manage conferences with tablet kiosks too – attendees can check in on the tablet, and enter their data such as an email address for effective data capture.

Glass Wall Mount Secure Tablet Enclosure for Room Booking Solutions

Visitor Management

Investing in visitor management with tablet enclosures can benefit health and safety and keep track of shift employees.  Integrate tablet kiosks with fingerprint or ID scanners to capture identity data, log hours or to limit access to certain areas. Tablet kiosks can be integrated with video doorbell technology so that reception can see and verify visitors before granting access, or with a printer to give guests credentials.


Set up data capture on office kiosks throughout the sales office to acquire data from the sales team and customers.  Use tablet enclosures as digital displays to bring pitches and demos to life or introduce the company and services to visitors in waiting rooms, helping to inspire purchases, and deliver personalised experiences.

Tablet Enclosures for Access Control and Office Management

Office management

Manage office processes efficiently with office kiosks; ideal for office supply or product stock management, to keep back of house informed and proactive. All office operations can be recorded and shared via a tablet kiosk for an efficient and automated office.

View a selection of office tablet kiosks to automate your business, such as the Shell+12 wall mounted tablet enclosure, or Expo 10 floor standing tablet kiosk. Get in touch with a member of the imageHOLDERS team on +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or 1-888-858-9778 (US) or email