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imageHOLDERS End-to-End Kiosk Solutions

At imageHOLDERS, we don’t only provide iPad and tablet kiosks and enclosures. We can – but we understand that an integrated kiosk can be essential to a bigger project that you envision, and we want to help you achieve it. Our Kiosk Project Management Service is a new solution that sees us being the main contact between all partners that are working on the projects; which includes you, the independent software providers (ISVs), device suppliers and installers.

We have 15 years of experience working with clients from a range of industries, which has afforded us invaluable insight as to what’s required from the concept through to initiation.

How can we provide an end-to-end solution for your business?

It starts with ISV software.

We are software agnostic, working closely with ISV software companies to support with imagining and testing. Whatever the software you’d like to be integrated within your iPad kiosk stand, we make sure to achieve this.

Which device is right?

As we see every day, the device required is determined by the purpose of the kiosk. Choose from a variety of devices available for kiosk integration, including card readers, a print kiosk, and barcode scanners.

End-user first

The end user is the most important person to bear in mind, so all the integrated iPad kiosk stands and iPad wall mounts we provide are designed to be in-line with their needs.

The kiosk

Each of our integrated kiosks aren’t just modular, but they are stylish, too. We design every kiosk to be as flexible as possible to meet your requirements, as well as guaranteeing it’s a secure tablet stand.

The installation

We can recommend an installer, or we are happy to work with your team to provide training as to the correct way to install the tablet kiosk stand.

With every solution we provide, it’s made bespoke for you. You share what you are looking for and the needs you want to meet for your customer, and we work with our designers and yourself to ensure the iPad kiosk and service we supply to you marries with what you have in mind.

For us, we want to ensure you are well advised and that you receive the best possible service that we at imageHOLDERS can offer. To discuss your project and find out more about how we can provide an end-to-end solution for your business, download our Kiosk Consultants brochure, or get in touch with the imageHOLDERS team by calling +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or 1 877 450 2172 (US) or email [email protected].