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H-Series Self-Service Kiosks

Improve customer experience with the H-Series self-service kiosks. The H-Series is the cornerstone of our product range providing the complete modularity of tablet and screen enclosures.

The H-Series kiosks are compatible with all our other series, offering a flexible design to accommodate a wide array of configurations.

Ideally suited to be used as a self-check-in kiosk, self-service POS, registration, endless aisle, and wayfinding kiosk.

H-Series Wall-Mounted

Available in 10″, 12″, 15″ and 22″ options

H-Series Counter-Top

Available in 10″, 12″ and 15” options with a square or arrowhead base


H-Series Counter-Mounted

Available in 10″, 12″ and 15” options

H-Series Floor-Standing

Available in 10″, 12″ and 15” options


Why Choose Our H-Series Self-Service Kiosks?

The H-Series is the foundational product in our range. These tablet/screen enclosures are compatible with all our other series, providing all benefits to optimise your use case cost-effectively.

The series is hardware and software agnostic. It comes in 4 sizes designed to fit tablets & screens including 10”, 12”, 15” and 22″. All models are highly configurable to suit a wide range of components & peripheral devices. ​

The H-Series self-service kiosks can be positioned in four ways: wall-mounted, table-mounted, table-top and floor-standing. There are over ten different ways of mounting the H-Series in those positions: a swan neck, ISO mount, arrowhead base, square base, floor stand and more.​

The solution is fully brandable, which allows the front bezel to be branded along with the option of an accessory to provide a header panel to create maximum impact and ensure your branding or call to action is maximised. ​

The H-Series Self-Service Kiosks Uses

The H-Series offers a range of self-service kiosks, check in kiosks, wayfinding kiosks and more. A typical H-Series use case that includes any countertop or counter-mounted solution, would be check-in, retail sign-up or food ordering.

The H-Series can accommodate multiple components in various positions around the screen, from transactional solutions like payment devices and card readers to fingerprint and barcode scanners, cameras and more. We have also designed our range of USB hubs to provide for additional expansions and optionality.

Note the H-Series doesn’t have the option of a printer. If your use case requires a printer, then have a look at our P-Series or K-Series solutions.

​The H-Series self-service kiosks are all highly secure thanks to their integrated locks and include cable management options as standard.

All our models are available in ADA and DDA-compliant configurations.

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Series Specifications

Base model features

  • Compatible with all major tablet models including iPads, Samsung tablets, Microsoft surface range and a wide range of AIO computers and touch screens
  • Available platforms: Windows, Android, Linux, Apple iOS and more
  • Durable and secure injection moulded Polycarbonate and Steel enclosures
  • Front access with integrated locks as standard
  • High-quality painted and powder-coated finish in black or white
  • Wide range of sizes including 10”, 12”, 15” and 22”
  • Mounting options include wall-mounted, table-mounted, table-top and floor standing
  • Multiple positions and mounts include a swan neck, swivel and tilt, and various height options and bases include arrowhead and square
  • Country-specific power supply
  • ADA/DDA compatible


Additional extras

  • Custom colours
  • Customisable artwork and branding
  • Software integration and testing

Optional components (configurable as standard)​

  • Credit card reader (swipe or insert)
  • Payment device (PED) reader
  • 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • NFC/RFID scanner
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner
  • Wi-fi or Cellular connectivity
  • HD/4K Camera or inbuilt tablet camera
  • Computer
  • Each additional device can be configured in multiple positions around the screen

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