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Dock & Lock Portable Kiosk Family

The Dock & Lock handheld kiosk solution possesses the security and functionality of a fixed kiosk, whilst benefiting from the versatility of wearable tech.

This innovative handheld kiosk enhances productivity and efficiency across a wide range of industries, from retail and hospitality to healthcare and education.

The Dock & Lock kiosk includes a comfortable hand strap as standard, aiding easy manoeuvring when on the move. Once docked, the tablet enclosure is securely locked into place, and can only be unlocked with a card scanned by the built-in RFID reader.

Just like our other digital kiosks, the Dock & Lock kiosk comes with simple programable software and POS functionality.

Dock & Lock Kiosk Key Benefits

Increased Efficiency & Productivity 

The flexible nature of the solution allows for increased productivity, as the device can be used both statically and on the move.

Highly Secure 

When the portable iPad kiosk enclosure is locked into the dock it is highly secure and cannot be removed without scanning a card on the built-in RFID reader.

Portable & Light

The portable kiosk design is ideal for staff across many industries, from retail and hospitality to healthcare and education.

Revenue Boosting 

Handheld kiosks allow staff to efficiently input data and search systems on the move, improving efficiency and thus increasing revenue.

Easy Data Input

The Dock & Lock kiosk can benefit multiple user journeys and staff needs, the portability and 10″ or 12″ screen aids simple data input on the move.

Easy Staff Adoption

Portable kiosks are ideal for staff that need to work both at a static counter and move around a store, restaurant, warehouse or office.

We Want Your Opinion

At imageHOLDERS we are always striving to deliver the best possible products to streamline your business and customer journey. The Dock and Lock portable kiosk system is brand new in interactive kiosk technology and we’re excited to launch the highly secure, portable device. We want to hear from you, as your thoughts can help shape future releases of this product family. Get in touch to let us know how you would use this in your company and what additional devices your user journey requires.

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The Dock & Lock kiosk solution is ideal for restaurant environments. The portable design allows for taking orders from the table, ensuring customers can stay at their table. The handheld kiosk enclosure can be securely locked in place at a till for takeaway orders from the counter.


This portable kiosk design is not just ideal for staff, but customers and clients too. The kiosk enclosure can be removed from the locked dock with a card scanned by the built in RFID reader and used by the customer. This is perfect for entertaining children or to use in an interactive setting, such as a museum or gallery.

Virtual Clienteling

With many doors closed in retail stores, virtual clienteling is becoming ever more important. Our Dock & Lock kiosk solution is available with both front and rear cameras for shop walk-throughs for remote clients.

This is also beneficial for department stores with multiple brand counters.

Desktop medical self-check-in kiosk.


The Dock & Lock portable kiosk is perfect for quick and easy data input, whilst at a stationary location or on the move. This is perfect for healthcare professionals and those working in large hospitals for inputting data as they travel around the large premises.

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