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Custom Kiosk Solutions

Our interactive and integrated kiosk solutions are custom designed, to propel your business forward with the future in mind.

All our kiosks are modular by design, allowing for modifications during these rapidly changing times. The additional devices ensure a complete solution for your user journey.

Scroll down to explore how our complete kiosk solutions can work in your industry, with your system operator and choice of model and additional devices.

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Four examples of countertop tablet kiosk enclosures by imageHOLDERS

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imageHOLDERS cinema self-service order point and ticket printing kiosks

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Display showing four alternative visitor management kiosk options.

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Health Screening Access Control Kiosks

e-Triage Kiosks

E-triage systems, executed on a self-service healthcare kiosk, use a comprehensive algorithm that can identify a patient’s needs and requirements by assessing their symptoms or level of injury. These electronic triage medical kiosks allow an emergency department to effectively prioritise their care or redirect patients to the appropriate service. As a result, the initial assessment process is accelerated and waiting times are reduced.

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Patient Self-Check-In Kiosks

Healthcare medical check-in kiosks digitally empower hospitals and GP surgeries. Appointment management system software integrated into a self-service kiosk enclosure improves efficiency, reduces the risk of human error and lowers waiting times.

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Hospital Digital Signage & Wayfinding

Digital signage in hospitals enhances the experience of both patients and staff. Utilising technology for medical digital signage and hospital wayfinding solutions is by far the most effective way to direct patients around the premises, improve internal and external communications and reduce patient anxiety.

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Pharmacy Self-Service Kiosks

Pharmacies are busy and often high-stress environments, and often the most time-consuming tasks for pharmacists are ones that can be automated by an interactive self-service kiosk. The deployment of healthcare kiosk solutions allows pharmacists to focus on their most important responsibilities such as filing prescriptions and advising patients. Additionally, wait times are significantly reduced which enhances the patient experience.

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COVID Pass Kiosk

If your business requires vaccine passports or the ability to scan a Covid-19 pass on entry, get in touch to enquire about our seamless visitor management solution.

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Interactive Kiosk Solutions improve efficiency, safety and engagement in education settings, from primary school classrooms to university libraries.

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imageHOLDERS Production Team

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From concept to creation, we work closely with you to ensure a completely bespoke solution that is tailored to your business.