Custom Tablet Kiosk Solutions

Our custom design services allow us to work with your specific requirements and create a bespoke solution.

We have laid out imageHOLDERS different services below in relation to our standard and tailored solutions, to better understand whether a custom design service is the solution for you.

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Standard and Tailored Solutions

imageHOLDERS have a range of ‘off the shelf’ solutions that will solve the most pressing problems of safe display and security for tablets that are widely used throughout numerous vertical markets.

Our standard off the shelf designs include:

  • Our Core range is our most effective solution with a tamper proof security rating. Suitable for back of house or low traffic environments.
  • Our Expo range is flexible and robust, suitable for demanding environments with a fully secure security rating.
  • Our Slimline range is our slimmest design, fitting flush to wall or glass with our highest security rating.
  • Our Shell range is rated as our most secure enclosure, suitable for high traffic environments, with a sleek design

Once the tablet is secured in the enclosure, it will allow the use of virtually any app you care to present to your audience.

However, in taking this principle to the next level you can create a device that fits a very specific need. Fingerprint/Retinal Identification, EPOS, Smart Digital Signage, Ticket/Boarding Pass Confirmation and Printing, Sell By Date Information Printing, Self Service Payments or Electronic Security are just a few of the applications device integration can improve upon.

Our enclosures which are highly tailorable and fit tablets and devices include:

  • Our Shell+ meets our highest security rating, fitting larger tablets with elegant style, suitable for device integration.
  • Our Integrator Pro range is our most dynamic enclosure, fitting large tablets and multiple devices including printers, and meets our highest security rating.

While these enclosures have trailed and tested several different variations of devices, and can fit these devices as standard, imageHOLDERS can fit any device on request, by tailoring these solutions. However should these standard and tailored solutions not suit your specifications and business requirements, we can create a custom solution with our design team.

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Custom Design Solutions

The development of bespoke enclosures is something where imageHOLDERS have gained a reputation as a progressive, creative and disruptive design based manufacturer. From a concept conversation on the phone to a complex piece of engineering, we have experience in securing software and hardware in many combinations. These have already found their way into many businesses where they are working hard.

Custom Project Process

imageHOLDERS are specialists in the design, development and manufacture of custom and specialist enclosures. Should our enclosures not suit your needs, or you need a specification that is unique, we can design a solution which is unique to your requirements.

Here is a step by step explanation of our Custom Design Process
(while timings have been provided, the lead time can change according to the specification required, and should therefore be taken as a guide only)

Stage 1


Contact a member of our lovely team to discuss your requirements so we can create a brief for our design team. We will discuss the following with you:

  • What is the purpose of the enclosure?
  • What tablet would you require to be held within?
  • What devices would you like to integrate?
  • The budget you have to work with?
  • Any concepts you have previously seen or concepts you have sketched.

Our team can use this information to design a brief to meet your specifications which will then be sent to our design team to turn the brief into a visual product.

Stage 2


The Product Design Engineer appointed to your project will begin concept generation. Our design team can create sketches and renders to show you how your unit would work and look in situ. This helps you to present the solution to members of your team to ensure that everyone involved in the project is happy. This stage is an important one, so we recommend giving plenty of time to consider the options.

Stage 3


When you’ve signed off on the design, we will prototype the enclosure to determine the product is fully fit for purpose, and fits the specification. This stage ensures that the final product will meet your specification and is fit for purpose. Any issues can be caught quickly and ensured that the final product is future proof. Lead time 2-8 weeks depending on the complexity.

Final Product

After you are fully happy with the design, tooling and prototype we will put your enclosure into production.

We will deliver, and if necessary assist you in the setup and installation of your new tablet enclosure. Easy to install, simple to use.

We promise a lifetime guarantee on our products, ship worldwide, and are only a phone call away.


For more information on imageHOLDERS custom des, or for any other tablet kiosk, talk to imageHOLDERS today by emailing or call UK +44(0)1202 892 863 | USA 1-888-858-9778.

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