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Compact Kiosk Family

Tablets or touchscreens & 5+ devices. The highly secure, compact solution.

Our Compact Kiosks were designed for high footfall retailers, able to withstand heavy usage, these modular kiosks are transforming retailers around the globe. On the subject of ‘around the globe’, the Compact Kiosks are also ideal for airport check-in desks, express check-out at hotels and leisure such as entertainment complex registration or library book returns.

Compact Key Features

Portrait & Landscape

Fits up to 22″ Tablets

Black, White & Custom Colours or Design

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A Part of the Furniture

Our Compact Kiosks are capable of retrofitting to your furniture. Alternatively, we can provide a range of furniture, from podium tables to leaning rails or even freestanding single units.

Self-Service Stand & Compact Terminal

Future-Proof Design

Our kiosks are designed to be future proof, ensuring that if your chosen tablet, touchscreen or device becomes end of life, you can easily upgrade without having to order a new kiosk. Simply change the front panel, bezel or tray depending on your update simple.

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