Chip and Pin

Chip and pin devices work with EMV payment cards. Payment cards which comply with EMV are often called Chip and Pin or Chip and Signature Cards. By integrating a Chip and Pin terminal within your tablet enclosure, you can create an POS system which will ensure any changes in the technology surrounding the payment industry will work with your POS with simple integration with NFC readers which will ensure whatever payment your client chooses to use, you are able to accept.

EMV is a technical standard for payment terminals which is divided into three categories:

  • EMV refers to the POS terminal functionality with a magnetic swipe or inserting the card into the device
  • EMV1 refers to the devices ability to read the chip on the card
  • EMV2 is the ability for the device to read the chip and requires the user enter their pin.

Chip and Swipe has a higher user in America, Mexico and some European countries (E.g. Germany, Austria) whereas Chip and Pin are more common in Canada, Australia and other European countries (E.g. UK, France).

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