Technical Features Explained

Tablet kiosks and iPad enclosures are often described using technical jargon that some consumers may find daunting. Here at imageHOLDERS, we like to keep things simple and explain the technical features associated with our kiosks in a way that everyone can understand.


HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact audio/video interface which is quickly replacing existing analog video standards. This digital interface is most commonly used to transfer uncompressed audio/video data from an HDMI compatible device (such as an iPad) to an additional digital audio device (such as a computer monitor or digital TV).

HDMI Compatible

Our iHOLD range is unique in many ways, one of which is the fact that our kiosks are HDMI compatible. This simply means that we have designed a cavity within the back of the bezel with enough space to run an HDMI cable through it. This is then discretely managed within the vertical stand of the kiosk and can be plugged into an additional device, such as a plasma screen or projector; to stream live content from the iPad.


The term ‘wireless’ simply means a telecommunication in which electromagnetic waves carry the signal from one device to another (without the need for any wires).

Wireless Compatible

When we say that our iHOLD range is wireless compatible, this simply means that the signal is not blocked by the acrylic bezel or enclosure itself, therefore allowing the tablet or iPad to send or receive information/data without the use of a wire.


Often confused with the term ‘wireless’, WiFi is the name given to the technology that allows an electronic device, such as a smart phone or iPad to exchange data wirelessly. However, in order to send or receive data, the device needs to establish an internet connection via a wireless network access point, also known as a ‘Hot Spot’.

Configuration and Branding

imageHOLDERS often states that our iHOLD range and modular display units can be configured/customised uniquely to suit your specific organisation or business environment. This means we can alter anything from the color of the units to allow your brand identity to be portrayed. Configuration often refers to altering the height of our units. For example, our free standing standard models are ergonomically designed for use by a standing adult, however, this can be changed to suit a child or wheelchair user.

USB Data Sync Charger Cable

A USB Data Sync Charger Cable is a convenient accessory for keeping your iPad powered up whilst inside an iHOLD Enclosure. For your added convenience, imageHOLDERS stocks a 3 meter version of this cable; ideal if your enclosure needs to be displayed some distance from a power source.

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