Assembly Guide: Expo Floor Standing Tablet Display

Assembly Guide: Expo Floor Standing Tablet Enclosure

imageHOLDERS are on hand to deliver the highest standard of customer service every step of the way. That’s why our entire iPad and tablet enclosure range can be delivered pre-assembled or in a simple DIY kit form – and just to make things even more simple, we have put together some assembly guides and instructions!


Expo Floor Standing Tablet Display with Straight Graphic Panel


  • 1 x Base Profile
  • 2 x Slide Profile
  • 1 x Back Post
  • 1 x iPad Bezel
  • 2 x Base End Caps
  • 1 x Steel Top Bar
  • 2 x Straps
  • Allen Keys
  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Washers
  • Screw Covers
  • Key for Bezel
  • You will need 1 x Phillips Screw Driver
Height: 1400mm
Width: 460mm
Step by Step Instructions
1. Bolt the vertical back post to the base profile by passing a bolt through the underneath of the base. Use the allen key to tighten the back post to the bolt.
2. Slide a side profile into the base and use a phillips screw driver to tighten – this ensures a flush edge.
3. Slide the silver screw cover along and tighten outer screw (on both left and right side of display)
4. Slide small silver screw cover over outer screw and attach the two plastic end caps to the side of the base. Secure these in place with the 8 small screws supplied with the kit. These features discreetly hide the screws and bolts resulting in a sleek finish.
5. Slot your branding/poster/graphic between the two side posts.
6. Place the steel top bar on top of the graphic, ensuring the screw on the back post goes through the top hole. Then, screw the small nut onto the screw to hold the steel top bar in place.
7. Screw the two bolts into the top of the steel bar through the side posts to secure.
8. Finally, align the back of the iPad bezel with the 4 holes on the top of the back post. Ensure there is a washer on each screw before fixing to the unit.
For more DIY instructions, take a look at our Video Assembly Guides.
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