Artwork Guidelines

imageHOLDERS are on hand to help with your iPad and Tablet Kiosk customisation needs. Below are some useful tips for the submission of your Artwork.

Download our artwork and graphics guidelines here. 

Supported Formats

We support files from the following applications: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Quark XPress.

Files from other applications may be supplied as EPS files but please be aware that these will be printed as supplied and we can’t be responsible for errors resulting in them not following these saving guidelines.


Please make us aware if you have used any special character or ligatures. Documents that use OpenType, True Type or Multiple Master fonts must be outlined, as our RIP’s will not accept these formats. Do not use Quark’s pseudo style buttons, i.e. bold, italic etc.

Can I use Transparency and Gradient Meshes?

Elements that use transparency or gradient meshes should be rasterised or flattened. When rasterising elements in Illustrator, aim to have a resolution of approx. 100dpi when printed at full size. (If colour matching is required please do not flatten or rasterise).


Up-to-date colour visuals must be supplied for all jobs.

It is vital that we have these so that we can maintain our quality control and ensure you receive correct prints.

Please state on the print if we are to colour match to the visual otherwise it will be accepted that it is for content only. No liability can be accepted for jobs that are supplied without visuals.

Colour Matching

As standard we match as close as possible any Pantone colour references in your documents1.

If you have a specific colour critical Pantone or spot colour we can either supply a colour test print/colour chart (for a small fee) or provide you with a CMYK colour breakdown. Please note that the Flatbed printing process can’t reproduce metallic, fluorescent or very vivid colours.

What Scale Should I Work To?

When creating your artwork you can work to any sensible scale such as 1:2, 1:4 or 1:10, our RIPs will enlarge the artwork to the desired size.

Should my scans be RGB or CMYK?

RGB scans are preferred although CMYK scans can be used if they have embedded pro- files.

Colour Profiles

For RGB images use Adobe RGB (1998) and CMYK use Euroscale ISO Coated FOGRA27. Sets of output profiles for the Lambda are available on request.

How much bleed should I add?

Use the following table as a guide to how much image bleed to add:



(when printed at full size)

500mm< 3mm
500 > 1000mm 5mm
1000 > 2000mm 10mm




(when printed at full size)

2000mm + 20mm


For more information, please contact imageHOLDERS via email: or call +44 (0) 207 354 6250

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