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  • imageHOLDERS and Rugged-Secure are Trademarks of imageHOLDERS Ltd. 
  • Kiosk and Enclosure Systems are Patent Pending.
  • iPad is Trademark of Apple Inc. 


All copyright, design rights and intellectual property rights existing in our designs and products and in the images, text and design of our website /marketing material are and will remain the property of imageHOLDERS. We will treat any infringement of these rights seriously.

Privacy Policy

You may use this website to find out about and purchase imageHOLDERS Ltd products under the imageHOLDERS trademark. Images, photographs, technical drawings, PDFs and other documents published here are copyright of imageHOLDERS, unless otherwise stated. We respect the rights of users to use copyrighted documents for purposes established in law. In sufficiently serious cases of infringement of our rights we may reduce or restrict your usage of this website and others that we operate.

We restrict access to parts of the web site concerned with financial and technical and operational management and we ask that you respect that. We will co-operate with legal and financial authorities to help them with inquiries related to activities on this site involving fraud, theft, copyright infringement and other legally recognised investigations..

This web server is managed by Jaded Pixel (who operate Shopify), who have their own privacy policy. The only tracking software and cookies that we know are associated with this subdomain are those for:

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to anonymously track web site usage, so that we can improve performance. For example, we look at Bounce Rates to understand whether web pages help more or fewer users, so we can improve the site. For us, “improve the site” means we bring in more users interested in what we are selling, and that we sell more – so we’re looking to help people who want to buy what we’re selling. We think that using Google Analytics is a reasonable way for us to discover that.


If you want to block Google Analytics, Google offers a web page describing how to do so, and the broader Google Privacy Policy.

User Sessions

Shopify uses cookies to track whether you are a logged in registered user and to remember what’s in your shopping basket and the state of your order entry. For more details, read the Shopify privacy policy.


One of our payment processing systems is PayPal. If you order with a credit card, or from your PayPal account, they will want to place and use cookies. PayPal have their own privacy policy.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

Use Of Contact Details

We will only pass your details on to third parties where that is required in order to deliver to you the products and services that you have requested.

We will pass your details to legally recognised authorities when we are legally required to do so, or to register our own complaints of fraud, theft or copyright infringement.

Otherwise we will keep your details private and will not knowingly make them available to third parties. In other words, we don’t sell or exchange or give your details to other businesses or organisations without your permission.

As a UK based business we operate within the European Union and under UK law. That means that we respect the UK’s Data Protection Act. We keep such records are we allowed to keep, and maintain the privacy of those records so far as we are able.

We are a member of  ACID, the trade organisation for Anti Copying In Design.

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