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Shell+ 15 Secure iPad or Tablet Wall Mount Kiosk or Enclosure

The Shell+ 15 secure iPad or tablet wall mount kiosk or enclosure has the highest security rating of all secure kiosks at imageHOLDERS and is suited for high traffic environments. The extra depth within the casing allows for additional devices to be securely enclosed within this kiosk, such as scanners and card readers for use as a POS, ticketing system and more. This is available as a standard enclosure or integrated with devices to serve as a functional kiosk. Place an order for the Shell+ 15 secure iPad or tablet wall mount below or discover more about our kiosk solutions and custom kiosk design services.

Please note that tablets, devices and software do not come as standard, and are not included in the price of this product. For additional support or advice, please contact us.

Product code: 017_15_000