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Why You Should Target Millennials with Tablet Kiosks

Millennials are the largest living generation, with 80 million in America alone. They’ve been educated, entertained and informed by computers, tablets and mobiles, so why should a purchase be any different?

From mass merchandisers, supermarkets and pharmacies, to restaurants, department stores and airports, any business that is frequented by a millennial can enhance customer experience and ultimately sales with tablet kiosks.

Why are tablet enclosures essential for targeting millennials?

Before making a purchasing decision, millennials like to do their research with technology. From researching the product or service via google, checking reviews and prices or consulting friends on social media, they need opinions as opposed to a price. As 51% of purchases are now made on the web, retailers need to emulate the technology millennials use to research, review and purchase in store.

Secure iPad and tablet enclosures recreate a digital experience and allow for complete customisation, enabling consumers to see reviews, related products, prices, promotional offers and check whether an item is in stock. Argos stores implemented iPad kiosk stands to present their catalogue, end queuing and accept payment, which helped them hit £1 billion in m-commerce sales last year.

With such a sharp rise in technology use over their lives, millennials have grown accustomed to trusting digital information more than people, lessening their preference for face to face contact. A  study by BizReport found that 1 in 5 millennials prefer self-service tablet kiosks than interacting with cashiers. iPad kiosk floor stands enable them to take their time viewing the options, read reviews and check prices before purchasing – essential for their money-conscious minds.  

How can tablet kiosks improve my business?

Tablet and iPad enclosures such as a restaurant kiosk or iPad stand for retail facilitate an accurate and efficient purchase. A restaurant for example, can display all their menu items, combination deals and marketing promotions in one place. Millennials appreciate having every option viewable with the ability to access more information, such as food content and calories. It makes the ordering, checkout and payment process faster, especially when there’s an iPad kiosk with a card reader or contactless technology – reducing queue waiting times!

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Tablet kiosks also enables accuracy throughout the purchasing process, eliminating user error and complaints, and an element of entertainment during dining – heaven for millennials. Restaurant chain McDonald’s recently installed tablet counter mounts on tables to provide guests with access to social media and other entertainment to encourage sole dining and further purchases.

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