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An Overview of Secure Kiosks & Enclosures

Many industries use iPad kiosks, including hospitality, leisure and retail, as they offer a functional, efficient and organised solution to customer service, point of sale and office and visitor management.

Due to the highly intelligent software that’s integrated and the ease-of-use functionality, tablet kiosks don’t always need staffing. This is a benefit for many businesses, as self service kiosks ensure productivity with fewer costs for staff. However, this does produce a potential risk: who will ensure the tablets or integrated technology doesn’t get stolen? This is where secure iPad and tablet kiosks can help. Designed and manufactured to be strong, durable and, above all, secure, your device and technology is safe housed within a secure tablet stand.

At imageHOLDERS, we design two types of tablet holders: kiosks featuring device integration and standard enclosures. With 15 years of experience and a patent-pending design process, we offer you peace of mind that every secure tablet kiosk or enclosure we design is extremely secure and lockable. You can choose between housing your tablet in a secure tablet stand, secure tablet wall mount or tablet security table mount. Plus, all secure iPad stands for business come with customisation, so we can design it to be on-brand for your business.

Tablet Kiosks and iPad Enclosures for Financial Institutes

What’s the difference between a tablet kiosk and tablet enclosure?

Secure tablet kiosk a kiosk with device integration, such as the Loxo secure tablet kiosk. Optional devices from imageHOLDERS include payment processors, barcode scanners and contactless payment readers.

Secure tablet enclosures – this is a house/frame for tablets, ideal for information points and offices.

Both iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures from imageHOLDERS are:

  • Very secure
  • Lockable
  • Durable, so your device is safe

Why do you need one for your business?

A secure tablet enclosure can provide uses custom to your industry and the business goals you’re looking to achieve. A few examples include efficient customer service, customer data collection through sign-ups and check-ins, and support for staff in retail and hospitality.

Which is right for your business?

It depends on the industry, but ultimately it comes down to what the reason is for sourcing the tablet enclosure. In many instances, both an iPad kiosk and tablet enclosure can be useful across most industry sectors.

Tablet Enclosures and iPad Kiosks for Retailers and Retail

Example uses include:

Retail: Use a secure tablet enclosure for information finding and for customers to look for stock and check available items, or upgrade to a secure iPad kiosk to provide a way for visitors to make a payment quickly. Choose from chip and pin, swipe readers or contactless.

Financial & Banking: Use secure iPad kiosks to provide a quick service for customers, by enabling them to print bank statements, check their balance and scan in cheques.

Restaurants: Touch screen kiosks like the restaurants kiosks in McDonalds help to cut customer waiting times by up to 5 minutes per meal.

Healthcare: iPad enclosures are ideal for improving staff and patient experiences, cutting paperwork by 60%, and enabling quick appointment check-in. Also, they are great prompts for feedback.

Office Management: Staff can use secure tablet enclosures to check stock levels and to use for meeting room bookings. For visitor badge printing and staff check-ins, secure iPad kiosks are the right integrated solution.

Browse our range of iPad and tablet kiosks online and discover ways you can change the dynamics of your business with our innovative solutions today. For more information, get in touch with the imageHOLDERS team by calling +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or 1 877 450 2172 (US) or email [email protected].