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This is why Kiosks are the driving force behind Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).

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Kiosks have been proven to increase efficiency and revenue in fast food and casual dining. By handing over the ordering process to the customer, there has been a rise in the average order value as people make more impulse purchases.


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Self-service is dominating the QSR sector thanks to this revenue boosting, self-ordering system. Customers clearly and easily view the entire menu, offering more choice and encouraging a larger order. It has also been shown that customers feel less ‘judged’ ordering from a kiosk, as opposed to a human, and therefore feel more comfortable ordering a larger quantity.

However, kiosks aren’t just used for self-ordering – below are 4 ways kiosks enhance QSRs:

4 ways kiosks enhance QSRs

1 Self-service

The aforementioned self-ordering is a must in QSRs – it is now expected by customers. A large totem kiosk is ideal for effectively displaying the entire menu and ensuring that selecting items and checking out, with an integrated POS device such as contactless or a card machine, is intuitive and efficient.

Quick Service Restaurants tend to be franchises, and therefore it is easy the roll out the same self-service kiosk solution with the same limited menu in every restaurant.

2 Visitor management

We are now in an age where we are far more aware of how many people are in the same indoor space. To reduce transmission of Covid-19, it’s wise for QSRs to employ a maximum capacity in their restaurant. This can be managed by a visitor management kiosk, which counts the amount of people that enter the restaurant and will not admit more customers when it reaches capacity.

Visitor management kiosks can also be used for the Track & Trace system and/or can administer health precautions on entry, such as temperature checks and an integrated hand sanitiser dispenser.

If people have ordered on an app in advance, customers can scan their QR code at a visitor management kiosk to alert staff that they are ready to pick up their order.

3 Access control

Kiosks are also a brilliant solution for staff management. Staff can scan a QR code or barcode card on a scanner to allow them access to staff-only premises, or a bio-metric reader such as fingerprint or facial recognition camera for high-security in different areas of the premises.

Access control kiosks can also host time management software so staff can clock in and out, to efficiently and effectively manage time and attendance.

4 Entertainment

Not all QSRs are takeaway only, in fact, many have an eat-in option. Kiosks can still be used for self-service, but the customer can input a table number for their food to be delivered to.

Alternatively, kiosks can be deployed as a tabletop solution at the restaurant’s tables – they can be used to order from the table, and be used as entertainment for young children by including game or drawing software on the tablet or PC screen.

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