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The Future of Interactive Payment Kiosks in 2019

The interactive kiosk is an all-in-one solution that’s transforming the consumer experience.

Today, individuals can take full control of their transactions; from food orders to flight check-ins and more by using a self-service interactive kiosk. Touch payments are one of the most popular device integration choices within a kiosk, with contactless payment used by a huge 63% of people in the UK*. Tap and go has never been so easy!

But, what if there’s a safer payment solution that’s just as familiar, quick and easy to use? We look to the future of the interactive payment kiosk – what do the payment methods at self-checkout kiosks look like in 2019?

The year of biometrics

Biometrics may seem new to the modern consumer, but biometric technology has been around since 2005. iPhone users have had the option to unlock their phone with their fingerprint since 2013, so the expansion of biometric finger vein readers into a payment method isn’t too stretched from what we know.

2019 is the year that biometric readers are set to transform how payments are made. As finger veins are completely unique to everyone, biometrics is an extremely secure payment method. Kiosks with a biometric reader provide a solution to combat a serious issue in the financial industry: fraud.

imageHOLDERS worked with Sthaler, the developer of FingoPay; a vein ID biometric scanner that enables payment by reading and confirming a person’s identity. We designed and produced kiosks with biometric reader device integration for placement in the Costcutter at Brunel University. We adapted our Expo floor standing tablet enclosure and added a custom-designed finger vein reader that is secure, stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Pay with your face

Face recognition technology is another area that has been adopted by tech giants dominating the smartphone market such as Android and Apple. It’s an added means of security that’s easy-to-adopt with minimal interruption to the way users are used to interacting with technology.

This year, facial recognition payment systems will start to make an appearance on interactive kiosks. Pay with your face is a quick payment solution, and it eliminates the need for users to remember their password to authenticate their identity.

The transformation of chip & pin: pin on glass

Consumers are familiar with paying by chip and pin; card payment terminals are found in most retail and food premises. ‘Pin on glass’ technology is one of the newest ways to take card payments by mobile devices. It works just like the familiar chip and pin devices, but without the expensive terminal.

For small business owners, this is a cheaper solution. Companies download the app and customers enter their pin onto the shop owner’s device to make purchases. For a self-checkout kiosk, the benefit of pin on glass integrated interactive kiosks is a much safer payment method.

Chip and pin devices have been hacked thousands of times, becoming a target for fraud. Whilst mobile device security is sometimes threatened, a new PCI security standard is in place for SPoC (Software-based PIN Entry) on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) devices, such as tablets.

COTS software protects PIN entries made on mobile devices, providing reassurance to consumers making payments using this new payment method.

Do you think your business would benefit from a modern payment solution? imageHOLDERS will work with you to design an interactive kiosk that allows your company to benefit from the upcoming technological advancements that are transforming device integration.

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