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Five Ways Technology is Changing the Fitness Industry

2015 saw massive growth in the fitness industry, with the value rising to £4.3bn in 2015. While the health and leisure industry has been around for a while, with people posting their workouts on Instagram and sharing routines on Pinterest, the health and leisure industry is embracing technology to change the way customers interact with their businesses. With low-cost gyms keeping membership prices down by using fingerprint scanners or personal ID numbers to gain access, saving money on expensive membership cards and provides 24/7 access, highly popular with shift workers.

We look at five ways tablet technology works with fitness and social to create a multi-channel industry.

[1] Memberships and Tablet Kiosks

Gym memberships are not a one size fits all, with the fitness industry catering to a vast range of different ages and fitness goals, it’s important that memberships options are shown in an effective and engaging way. By presenting different options, prospective clients can browse through the memberships and easily sign up with to their chosen contract, which can be done using a secure and easy to use tablet enclosure mounted on a countertop. By encouraging prospective clients to use a “self-service” kiosk, they feel more in control of what they choose, and can fill in payment details using a secure operating system.

[2] Marketing and iPad EnclosuresGLL Case Study-11

It’s important for gyms to encourage current members to interact with their brand, whether that’s through monthly newsletters, or regular activity on social media, the more present a brand is, the more people will communicate with the gym and share their involvement on social sites. By using an iPad enclosure, users can sign in to the gym, and share their activity on their social feeds, providing organic marketing and brand visibility.

[3] New Classes and Tablet Enclosures

By showcasing new exercises and routines, users will be encouraged to interact with trainers and trial new classes and activities. By establishing a relationship with gym goers and being seen as a positive influence on improvement in results, users will invest more in the relationship with the brand and are more likely to act as advocates and provide word of mouth reviews to friends. A tablet enclosure station either within the gym itself, or outside of exercise rooms can showcase the different classes available and encourage passersby to interact with the tablet to learn more.

[4] Access Control and iPad Kiosks

For gyms that provide 24/7 access or require users to sign in, using an iPad Kiosk with an integrated device such as a fingerprint reader or barcode scanner can provide secure and easy to use access control to the facilities. This can store information as to when the user signed in and out for health and safety purposes. By using a tablet enclosure, timetables can also be shown and offer last minute availability for users to spontaneously sign up for a class. The enclosure can also be used to advertise other facilities at the center, including personal training and sports massages.

[5] Data Collection and iPad Enclosures

As with any industry, customer data is very important, and having an intelligent and secure way to collect data is vital. By installing tablet enclosure technology within a leisure center, users can provide feedback which can be received in real time and acted on immediately if necessary. The tablets can also show data on busy periods and allow for curated marketing campaigns to be created around encouraging people to use the facilities outside of peak times.

Core 8 Wall Mounted iPad Mini Tablet Enclosure

The fitness industry has drastically changed over the past five years, with Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat bringing more visibility to people’s health and fitness. The fitness industry can benefit greatly by embracing the technological move that their clientele have made by actively encouraging interaction with their brands online presence.  

By using tablet enclosures with built in fingerprint scanners like the Integrator Pro counter mounted tablet enclosure, users can gain access through biometrics which in turn can store data on the frequency of use. Tablet and iPad kiosks such as the full device integration kiosk, can provide a printer, and feedback collection section for users to provide feedback, or even print out a class timetable using an A4 printer which is integrated within the kiosk.

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