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Tablet Kiosks in Education: Enhancing Knowledge Retention & Improving Classroom Efficiencies

With a range of benefits for students and teachers alike, interactive tablet kiosks are promoting learning, increasing concentration and overall efficiency in educational institutions.

Schools and universities have recognized the potential of introducing tablet kiosks in to classrooms, libraries and receptions. From better engagement with students to significantly less paperwork, there has been a notable increase in the introduction of school kiosks – and a rising demand for more cost-effective and secure tablet kiosks.

Increasing attention spans and enhancing knowledge retention with tablets in primary schools

The BBC announced that almost 70% of schools in the UK use tablet devices in the classroom. Supplementing aspects of, yet not completely replacing, traditional education with tablet-based exercises and activities in primary schools is helping children become more focused. The interactive and stimulating environment excites them, leading to increased attention spans, concentration and enhanced knowledge retention.

Children are now growing up with advanced technology from a young age and the touch-interface of tablet kiosks is user friendly to both pupils and teachers. Tablets and iPads are much more intuitive to use compared to laptops making them an easy device to integrate into the classroom.

Developing IT skills and improvement classroom management efficiency with interactive kiosks in high schools

Leading on from primary to secondary/high school tablet kiosks remain a common feature. In Tennessee, three Williamson Country schools use small tablet kiosks in their front offices. The tablet floor stands register visitors and their vehicle registration to enhance security and make the school’s processes more accessible to parents. In general, introducing school tablet kiosks has found to reduce payroll and overhead costs, increase efficiency of student registration, and ultimately reduce paperwork.

Expo 10 Floor Standing Tablet Enclosure with Branded Curved Graphic Panel

A study in Quebec and Belgium at schools that incorporated tablet kiosks into learning found that tablets improved:

  • Enthusiasm for the learning material
  • The ease of publishing, sharing and searching for information
  • Teamwork
  • IT skills
  • Confidence in individual learning
  • Creativity.

Teachers reported that the efficiency of classroom management and organization improved. Alongside this, teachers can evaluate students, develop their own IT skills and find new ways of teaching vs traditional methods.

Specifically, tablet kiosks installed on lecterns and student desks streamline the learning process; the efficiency of having the internet, informational material and lesson plans distributable between tablets can be invaluable. Security can be ensured via moderation from the school IT team, with a set list of websites only accessible to students via the iPad or tablet kiosk.



Helping the environment and aiding wayfinding with tablet kiosks in universities

Amongst the benefits listed, tablet and iPad kiosks are being used in many innovative ways at universities.

Student induction days can see over 2,000 students queuing. Tablet kiosks can eliminate the long lines, allowing students to enter personal information, choose their activities and even pay tuition. imageHOLDERS secure tablet kiosks are fully customizable; integrate a card reader or printer for a completely functional registration tablet kiosk.

Drexel University and the Free Library of Philadelphia use tablet kiosks in their libraries to enable students to checkout iPads using their student IDs. Additionally, Texas A&M University installed recycling kiosks with a touch screen display and bottle drop in dormitory hallways, incentivized by a points system which can be redeemed for local discounts. Since the start of the initiative recycling levels increased exponentially.

University information is easily accessible with an informative, interactive iPad kiosk. Activity centers, communal areas and receptions with iPad kiosks can provide students with access to campus maps, activity information, lecture timetables, and more on the go and all in real time.


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