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Tablet Kiosks on New York City Sidewalks Lead to a Safer & More Connected Community

The introduction of tablet kiosks on New York sidewalks has taken the city by storm and the idea is expected to accelerate into other areas. We explore how this example can lead to a more connected community and safer tourism.

New York City recently installed tablet kiosks on the streets for any visitor or resident to use. There are now over a dozen LinkNYC stations across the bustling city – and 7,500 more in the pipeline. Each LinkNYC station incorporates an Android tablet held in a custom tablet kiosk with a keypad, 911 button, audio port and USB phone charging ports. Other features available include internet browsing, maps and free phone calls powered by VOIP – all of which could be incredibly useful in a variety of situations, setting an example for other countries and cities to follow.

Why were the LinkNYC stations introduced?

LinkNYC, a communications network, wanted to make internet browsing available to those without internet providers or smart phones, alongside offering a variety of other benefits for the existing community and visitors. The initiative is entirely funded by advertising, sponsorships and partnerships and predicted to generate jobs and millions of dollars in revenue for the city.

How are tablet kiosks on the street beneficial?

Street tablet kiosks can provide a variety of benefits including:

  • Phone Charging: There’s no bigger panic when out and about than a phone running out of battery with no access to a charger! With 2 free USB ports to charge devices, the chance of this becomes minimal and would serve as a great relief – especially for a tourist new to the area.
  • Tourism: Local tourism will improve with the ability to access Google maps for easy-to-follow directions, directories for tourism hotspots, the all-important Facebook, and international phone calls to keep in touch with family.
  • The Local Community & Businesses: A city services directory and community events calendar will better inform residents of their local services and encourage people to become more involved with local businesses.
  • Safety: The opt-in location services with Bluetooth can send mobile device users the location of the tablet kiosk and the person using it. An instant 911 button also enables people to feel safer and access emergency services when a mobile isn’t at hand.
  • Businesses: Advertising on the tablet kiosk and within the tablet will enable businesses to reach new audiences. The tablet also links people to instant information about local businesses. For example, a person may be heading back from work and want to check the opening hours of their local grocery store without having to walk there first and find it has closed.

8 Tailored Integrator Pros Website BannerWhat type of secure tablet kiosk is recommended?

A secure tablet mount is essential to withstand extreme weather, vandalism and theft, such as the Integrator Pro 10 10 Floor Standing Tablet Kiosk with Straight Graphic Panel from our  Rugged Secure range. Custom tablet enclosures can be designed to integrate a variety of devices such as card readers and receipt printers. Different tablets are compatible including iPads and Android tablets.

Could this be introduced elsewhere?

Cities all over the US and UK could benefit from the introduction of floor standing tablet kiosks in the streets, especially those with a denser population or tourism industry. With the help of an imageHOLDERS secure custom kiosk and the rate of technological advancements leading to a more connected world, it’s only a matter of time until street tablet kiosks could be found near you.

Find out how our secure tablet kiosks could be used in your area with our range of custom enclosures and tablet kiosks from the Rugged Secure range. Please call us on 01202 892 863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US) for more information and to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, email [email protected].