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imageHOLDERS success at National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Illinois

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imageHOLDERS were delighted to showcase our award-winning digital kiosks at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago.


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imageHOLDERS Showcase Conversational AI Restaurant Ordering Kiosk

imageHOLDERS were delighted to have the opportunity to show off some of our solutions at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show in Chicago, Illinois from 20-23 May 2023. NRA is the flagship show of what is a dynamic North American restaurant and hospitality industry. The show covers everything required to run a successful food business.
In addition to the delicious food samples on offer at NRA was of course, the technology, where there was an array of impressive and innovative tech on show. The 4-day event provided a great opportunity to network with vendors providing state of the art software, including POS and business management platforms and some fascinating examples of how AI can be implemented to great effect.
We are extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to display imageHOLDERS products on two seperate partner booths:

Thank you to our Partners

We are extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to display imageHOLDERS products on two separate partner booths:

‣ Vispero – Empowering Independence. They are the world’s leading assistive technology partner for the visually impaired. We were able to use one of our counter-top P-Series kiosks to demonstrate how their JAWS screen navigation software can allow visually impaired users to navigate menus and place orders at a kiosk.

‣ Kioware and Storm Interface. Thanks also goes out to our partners Kioware and Storm Interface for their support in creating this solution.

Vispero’s VP of Business Development, Matt Ater, said: “Vispero’s presence at NRA showcased accessible solutions by our partners. The imageHOLDERS kiosk featured the JAWS for Kiosk Screen reader and Storm Interface Audio Nav EF, which enables restaurants to offer an accessible and usable kiosk experience for all consumers. As Gold members of the Kiosk Manufacturers Association (KMA), we were delighted to present a recent collaboration with fellow members Sapient X on the KMA booth. This collaboration combined our expertise in kiosk design and device integration and demonstrated conversational AI avatar created by SapientX. This combination allows show visitors to experience how it is possible to verbally place an order at the kiosk.”


The leading developer of real-time, natural language ChatGPT3 enabled conversation AI avatars, SapientX, was thrilled to introduce ‘Queenie’ at NRA show. Queenie was the conversational avatar assistant and she proved extremely popular.

David Colleen, CEO of SapientX said:
“Conversational AI with avatars will become an expected standard in business to consumer self-service transactions across areas such as hospitality concierge, healthcare, travel/wayfinding and retail assistants.”


At imageHOLDERS, we believe accessibility is the cornerstone of inclusion, social equity and diversity. We have over 20 years’ experience in technology, and we’re confident that this will be the first of many collaborations between imageHOLDERS, SapientX and other fellow members of the KMA such as Actineon (processors and sensors) and Storm Interface (ADA accessible technology).


NRA 2023 was a superb show and an excellent opportunity to showcase imageHOLDERS solutions to the North American market following the 2022 opening of our North American office in Vancouver, Canada.