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Streamline Pharmacy Experiences With Automated Prescription Kiosks

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Pharmacies have a lot of moving parts, with pharmacists carrying out a variety of tasks each day. This can include anything from offering healthcare advice, taking repeat prescription requests, to stock control.





Thus it is beneficial for pharmacies to invest in self-service and interactive kiosk solutions. Pharmacy kiosks by imageHOLDERS can automate these processes, streamlining the pharmacy experience for customers and staff.

pharmacist and patient in pharmacy

Enhance Customer Care

Pharmacies get high-footfall and quality service requires time and care from the pharmacy staff. Self-service pharmacy kiosk solutions allow pharmacists to better serve their customers and patients.

Pharmacists don’t have to worry about time-consuming administration tasks. This allows them to offer greater help to people that come into the pharmacy looking for advice.

Staff check-in kiosk for hospitals.

Improve Customer Experience

Besides receiving more attentive care from the pharmacy team, self-service healthcare kiosks allow customers have a better experience when ordering a repeat prescription. Automated prescription payment kiosks mean patients can access their records quickly. This also means ordering any repeat prescriptions with no hassle.

This gives the customer complete autonomy over this process. It also allows them to verify their own personal information in private. This eliminates the need for the pharmacist to read their sensitive information, such as home address and date of birth, aloud in a busy shop.

Pharmacies can also be a sensitive environment for some people. Many customers may prefer ordering a prescription at a self-service prescription kiosk rather than speaking to someone. Our pharmacy kiosks are fully integrated with the latest POS systems allowing customers to self-checkout their medicines at the same time.

pharmacy self-service kiosk

Reduce Waiting Times

Implementing self-service pharmacy kiosk solutions reduces the wait time in pharmacies. Automated prescription kiosks are efficient solutions. Digital kiosks allow customers to order a repeat prescription with ease.

Would you like to find out more about our automated prescription kiosks? Then get in contact with our team at imageHOLDERS today. We produce custom pharmacy kiosk solutions and can help you to design the optimal self-service system.  Call us today on 01202 892 863 (UK) or 1-888-9778 (US).

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