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Queue Management Kiosks

89% of British consumers have left a business or shop because of queuing.

Many studies report that due to queuing and wait times, customers, and sales, have been lost. Queuing leads to a negative customer experience, and this could leave a lasting impression that will deter that customer from entering again.

Here are three industries that receive complaints about service levels, and the benefits of integrating digital, such as iPad and tablet kiosks and enclosures, to provide tried and tested queue management systems.

1. Retail: improving in-store experiences

Surprisingly, only 3% of people in Great Britain say they no longer shop in-stores. 

Whilst in recent years business are encouraged to pool most of their marketing budget into their online presence, all attention shouldn’t be removed from the base on the ground. This statistic highlights the importance of ensuring that businesses with brick and mortar stores provide an in-store experience that encourages purchases and positivity towards that company.

2008 saw the start of the mass introduction of self-service technology, including iPad and tablet kiosks, and it’s certainly something that’s been on the rise the past decade, with companies going that step further with shopping in store and paying via an app. Customers are comfortable with the self-service kiosk, and it’s now an expectation as it provides a quicker shopping duration.

iPad retail POS can be integrated with a range of payment devices for use as iPad retail stands, or choose an iPad and tablet enclosure for an access point for visitors to view your digital catalogue or order stock to store.

2. Healthcare: efficient patient check-in and reducing staff admin

Introducing patient check-in kiosks presents a solution to both over-worked staff and patients. The numbers visiting doctor’s surgeries and hospitals are rising year-on-year, and a healthcare kiosk can help to respond to the demand. Enabling patients to check-in themselves cuts waiting rooms times.

Healthcare kiosks improve efficiency for medical staff; as assistance isn’t required. Patients can find out where they need to go, and search for more information regarding their visit and health independently. This will reduce numbers of frustrated visitors waiting to be seen, as they will feel like their visit has been managed quickly.

3. Banking: providing millennials with what they expect 

For some banks, visits to the branch are required for the opening of accounts and changing or upgrading certain features of existing accounts. Also, 44% of people prefer to visit their bank. Millennials visit more so than any other age group, so there is a demand to guarantee prompt service is to hand – a digital service, that they are familiar with.

Kiosk banking is a means to provides a solution for all: it frees up advisors to help those who are looking to discuss their finances, and it enables a quick way for those visiting to deposit cheques or cash to do so quickly.

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