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Product Launch

imageHOLDERS launches the Core 8 countertop tablet kiosk for iPad Mini

imageHOLDERS today announced the launch of its latest addition to the Core range of tablet kiosks, the Core 8 countertop for iPad Mini.

The Core 8 is a cost effective and simple countertop enclosure ideal for environments when security is not a high priority but accessibility is still important. This iPad and tablet kiosk was specifically designed to be a low cost and tamper proof kiosk but still fully reliable and stylish.

The Core 8 countertop was specially commissioned by a global online takeaway app company who required back of house access to orders received online. The enclosure provides the perfect solution for the needs of the business as it allows restaurant staff to access all the order information from one secure point.

The Core 8 countertop is now available as a standard product as part of the Core rangeand can be ordered in either a landscape or portrait orientation.

Adrian Thompson, CEO, imageHOLDERS said: “we were really pleased to design and create this custom order and delighted that this solution is now available to more business enterprises. The Core range of iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures provides the best solution for businesses on a restricted budget wanting to present low cost tablets with simple functionality.”

The Core 8 countertop can also enclosure the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Nexus 7 (1st and 2nd Gen), Linx 8 and HP Stream 7 as well as the iPad Mini.

The Core range also includes the Core 8 wall mounted iPad or tablet kiosk that is ideal when floor space is at a premium, especially in a retail store, exhibition stand, warehouse, outside a meeting room, waiting rooms and company foyers.

Keely Marsango
Digital Content Manager
[email protected]