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imageHOLDERS Featured in the Press: Ireland Sports Betting Provider Introduces Custom Sports Betting Kiosks

imageHOLDERS’ & Paddy Power work together to trial a new interactive podium design encouraging and optimising customer engagement.


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imageHOLDERS has, once again, worked with Paddy Power to deliver a space-efficient kiosk solution that enhances engagement and optimises the customer experience.Users can now stand and browse the content, whilst still having a view off the gantry.
Ian Quinlan, Technical Field Services Manager said ““We have used imageHOLDERS solutions in our 620 Paddy Power retail shops since 2015 and have
always had a good working relationship with Pete Thompson. Every one of our shops will
have at least one imageHOLDERS product. The latest concept is a trial product being used in our new
shop openings and we will continue to monitor performance as we open shops in Q3/Q4
2022 and Q1 2023.”

Tomorrow’s Facilities Management

imageHOLDERS’ & Paddy Power work together to trial a new  interactive podium designs encouraging and optimising customer engagement.

CNN World Today

Paddy Power, a Dublin, Ireland based provider of online sports betting and sports betting shops, has introduced imageholders’ interactive kiosks to its 620 stores, according to a press release.

The new kiosks have an Elo 32-inch color screen that offers features previously only available online. Along with core sporting information, the kiosk offers data segmented by price, stats, markets and tips in a visualized form.

CDC Gaming

Paddy Power introduces betting kiosks at retail locations in Ireland and the UK.

Paddy Power has been an imageholders customer since 2015, with the two brands collaborating on retail solutions for the bookmakers’ retail shops.

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