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Product Launch

imageHOLDERS develop unique solution for glass mounting tablet enclosures

imageHOLDERS have developed a unique solution to securely mount tablet enclosures to glass walls, such as meeting rooms.

imageHOLDERS have sourced and incorporated specialist adhesive tape into the Slimline iPad and tablet enclosure design. The solution is unique as it provides a high performance, durable long term bond with a quick and residue free removal, all securely encased within the enclosure.

imageHOLDERS devised the solution in response to high levels of interest from corporate enterprises, who are looking to utilise tablet enclosures for managing room booking and timetabling. Mounting tablet enclosures on glass has proved difficult in the past due to the installation process causing possible damage to the glass, however, the imageHOLDERS solution overcomes all installation issues.

The adhesive tape can only be accessed for removal from inside the tablet enclosure which requires the key to a secure locking mechanism, ensuring the highest level of security.

The fixing is flexible and if the tablet enclosure needs to be relocated this can be achieved easily in house with no specialist tools required and no residue being left on the glass.

Pete Thompson, Operations Director, imageHOLDERS, said: Historically, mounting on glass has caused numerous issues including the potential for the glass to break during installation or not having flexibility to move the enclosure once fixed. With our new solution we can safely and securely mount our Slimline tablet enclosure range to glass, providing a highly anticipated solution for many corporate businesses.

The Slimline iPad and tablet kiosk is the first in the imageHOLDERS range to incorporate the adhesive system into the enclosure, with the Core 8 enclosure being compatible with a new bracket imageHOLDERS are developing, and other ranges following suit in the future.

The Slimline 10 range is available in different size variations to cover a multitude of different tablets available in today’s market including but not limited to Apple iPads,Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Google Nexus.

For more information on our fully integrated kiosk solutions or tablet enclosures, please get in touch with the imageHOLDERS team today via email at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1202 892 863.

Keely Marsango
Digital Content Manager
[email protected]