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imageHOLDERS celebrate three years working with Hollywood Bowl

imageHOLDEHollywood Bowl Expo 10 Tablet Enclosures for Bowling Alley Lane Management-23RS are celebrating their third year working with Hollywood Bowl with the successful delivery of the latest roll out of Expo 10 tablet enclosures.

The first installation took place at the beginning of 2013, where imageHOLDERS worked with Hollywood Bowl to instal 26 tablet enclosures to be used on the alleys in their centre in Rochester, Kent. The tablet enclosures have since been rolled out to over 20 sites.

The most recent tablet kiosks enclose Linx 10 Windows 8 tablets. The tablets kiosk encourage more interaction with the user, and can be pre-programmed to assign names to the alleys, establishing the consumer relationship prior to the customer beginning their experience.

Hollywood Bowl chose the Expo 10 tablet enclosure which was configured to work with a custom mount that Hollywood Bowl used to mount the units onto each bowling lane. imageHOLDERS tailored the standard enclosure to modify access to the on and off buttons, as well as cable management to work alongside the specialised mount.

Pete Thompson, Director, imageHOLDERS, said: “It’s been a great experience working with Hollywood Bowl for the past 3 years, we’ve had great feedback about the usability from both guests and staff, and the installation has been a smooth process working with Hollywood Bowl’s team.”

Tony Stone, General (Centre) Manager, Hollywood Bowl, Crawley said: “The tablet enclosures are preferred by customers because of their user friendly interface. They’ve moved bowling into the new century with more interaction between customers and the process. The staff love them as well, they are easy to clean and easy to use, and the perfect height for adults and children. The process by which they were installed was very quick and painless, with no issues.”

The Expo 10  can securely enclose any tablet up to 10.5″, including Apple iPad, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Linx 10 and Microsoft Surface 2. The unit is fully customisable and brandable, keeps the tablet charged at all times and features the imageHOLDERS 2* Fully Secure security rating. The Expo 10 tablet display is also available wall mounted or freestanding.


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