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How Your Industry Benefits From A Visitor Management Kiosk

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An effective visitor management system is essential for businesses across a multitude of industries. Self-check-in kiosks are efficient, cost-effective and provide high security. This means they are the ideal visitor management solution.






Hotels, events and exhibitions, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and fast food facilities can all benefit from visitor management kiosks.

Self-check-in kiosks at hotels reduce queues at the main desk. This allows staff to concentrate on customer service and to assist in other areas of the hotel. Plus, digital kiosks can be fitted with a secure key drop compartment, allowing guests a fuss-free check-out option, 24/7.

Visitor management kiosks can integrate with QR code scanners for ticket scanning. This allows for efficient and secure entry into events.

Additionally, interactive kiosks can have table booking and/or menu ordering software. Walk-in customers at restaurants or bars can view availability, book a table, or order a takeaway.


Airports, docks and train and bus stations all benefit from visitor management kiosks. They can scan tickets, allowing access to only those with valid travel passes. The screen can also display timetables and give the option to buy tickets.

At airports, self-check-in kiosks reduce queues at the check-in desk, passport scanning and bag drop. All this can be successfully managed by kiosks fitted with scanners, printers and cameras.

Visual of the imageHOLDERS library kiosk enclosure range


Self-service kiosks are ideal for visitors at schools and universities, as they can check-in and have a guest pass printed on the spot. They can also register their car number plate so that their parking on-site is authorised.

Digital kiosks can also be used for booking facilities such as study rooms and sports equipment.

Additionally, guest lectures and seminars are often ticketed. Thus a digital kiosk with a QR scanner can allow entry for students with a ticket to the auditorium.

Examples of a self-service interactive kiosk with key drop box for the automotive industry


The retail industry is changing. A visitor management system can track footfall, and therefore manage how many shoppers are entering the store.

Interactive kiosks can also be used to book personal shopping slots in store

These interactive kiosk solutions are especially popular with automotive companies. Booking slots with a representative is easy and effortless with a digital kiosk. This boosts customer satisfaction as making a large purchase, such as a car, requires extra care and assistance.

In the automotive retail environment, self-service kiosk solutions can be used for key drop services. This makes car drop off’s quick and easy for customers.

Staff check-in kiosk for hospitals.


Patient self-check-in kiosks can reduce staff costs. They are also ideal for wayfinding and delivering information. When patients arrive at your facility, they can use self-service kiosks to sign in for an appointment. They can also register their name if it’s their first visit, submit and print prescriptions, make follow-up appointments or view information and announcements.

Healthcare kiosks can also enable you to gather crucial patient feedback. This data can then be used to improve service and treatment. With quantifiable data, operational processes can be reviewed and optimised accordingly.

Range of airport kiosks.

Offices & Workplaces

Significantly reduce queues and enable visitors to check-in quickly with an easy-to-use visitor management system. Self-check-in kiosks can include printer device integration, allowing for the printing of visitor badges for access.

Access control kiosks can restrict access to resources or rooms during certain times for a seamless access control system. A fingerprint attendance system is typically a cost-effective alternative to keys, fobs or keypad locks.

Digital kiosk solutions are beneficial for managing both building and room access to contractors. They can be used to track and log arrival, and to track the time spent on the premises. This is beneficial if they are charging by the hour as a record will be stored. Access cards can be created and printed, with a set usage time-frame, and restrictions added to any areas that they aren’t permitted to enter.

imageHOLDERS cinema self-service order point and ticket printing kiosks

Leisure & Entertainment

Interactive kiosks can be a one stop solution across multiple sectors in the leisure and entertainment industry. They are a great solution for museums and galleries, gyms, cinemas, casinos and betting shops.

Visitor management kiosks can be integrated with QR and/or barcode scanners, biometric readers, cameras and printers. Each allows access to visitors via a membership card, digital ticket or members with either identity detection via a camera or fingerprint reader.

This way, staff don’t need to sign in every visitor , saving the business money and improving productivity.

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