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COVID-19: How to Keep Your Kiosk Clean

It is vital that kiosks are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised regularly to ensure a high level of hygiene and to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, kiosks are well-positioned to reduce contact and exposure to staff, customers and clients; but with regular cleaning and disinfecting, this will benefit the way we interact with kiosks even further.

It is important to implement a good cleaning regime. Our guide to good kiosk cleanliness is detailed below:

1.Monitor your kiosk, clean it little and often. The longer dirt is left on the kiosk, the more difficult it is to remove. 

2. Always shut down via the software and unplug external power sources, cables and devices before cleaning your kiosk.

3. Use appropriate cleaning tools. A lint-free microfiber cloth is best to use – this will not leave scratches or streaks across your kiosk either!

4. Do not use harsh cleaning products. The CDC states that their recommended screen-safe solution is a combination of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% distilled water. Before using, please ensure that your devices are waterproof, as they can vary per model.

5. Never spray directly onto your kiosk and devices. Always spray into the lint-free microfiber cloth and then wipe. Do not use an excessive amount of liquid.

6. Ensure anti-bacterial gel is always placed near your kiosk, this will attract more people to be clean whilst using the touchscreens.

7. Lastly, always ensure the area around your kiosk is clean. This encourages a tidy, welcoming environment. 

imageHOLDERS’ kiosks are available with anti-microbial paint and screen protectors, however it is still very important that kiosks are cleaned on a regular basis. 

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