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Interactive Kiosks at Museums: How to Increase Visitor Engagement

In 2018 to 2019, only 50.2% of people aged 16 and over had visited a museum or gallery. To encourage a higher percentage of visitors, museums must find new ways to attract visitors and keep them engaged.

Museum tablet kiosks offer the opportunity to transform museums as we know them and introduce visitors to new ways of exploring cultural attractions. Museum kiosks are not a new phenomenon in the cultural industry, but ensuring the usability and responsiveness of the kiosks is crucial for effective user engagement.

At imageHOLDERS our touch screen museum kiosks are designed for the future with a 5-year warranty. Get in touch to find out which kiosk best suits your requirements.

Here are just a few of the ways that museum kiosks can encourage new visitors and improve their experience at your museum.

1.       Provide visitors with more information

When we want to learn more about something, many of us are quick to turn to a quick Google search. Keep visitors off their mobile phones and engaged with interactive information via touch screen museum kiosks.

Museum touch screen displays are also used to translate information, which is vital if your museum attracts tourists from around the world. Through translating information about the exhibit or display, visitors can follow the cultural journey without exclusion.

To find out more about how to engage visitors with informational museum kiosks, read about our recent project with The National Civil War Centre, Newark Museum.

2.       Use video to get their attention

Another way to convey an engaging story with museum kiosks is to create video displays that complement your exhibit. Video displays help to create a richer experience and serve as an excellent tool for education too.

3.       Make exhibits easy to explore

Create enticing digital wayfinding with museum kiosks. Digital signage improves the flow of the visitor’s journey and helps them to personalise their museum experience based on their own interests.

4.       Boost donations

If you’re looking to increase donations at your museum, our digital kiosks have the option to be mounted onto a collection box. With the addition of a POS integration, visitors can make donations with ease by cash or card.

5.       Create a multi-channel experience

Multi-channel museum kiosks allow museums to:

  • Collect visitor feedback – Kiosk surveys are a useful way to gather in-the-minute feedback from visitors and help improve future exhibits. Use museum kiosks to gather feedback on activities, exhibits and facilities to pinpoint any frustrations that might prevent future visits.
  • Link to websites & newsletters – Allow visitors to discover more about your museum on your website and signing up to the newsletter. Make sure to promote upcoming exhibits and events and allow visitors to shop online and facilitate online donations.

6.       Encourage post-visit interaction

Maintain visitor engagement even once they’ve left the museum with downloadable resources. With device integration, our custom museum kiosks can be used with QR scanners so visitors can scan a QR code and take information home with them.

At imageHOLDERS we design, manufacture and install innovative interactive ADA compliant museum kiosks. To find out more about how museum touch screen kiosks can increase visitor engagement at your museum or exhibit, get in touch with us on +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US).