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How to Increase Sales in Retail

The first and most important step to increase sales is to replace your bulky retail POS system. Switch it with a tablet retail stand and the possibilities are endless.

From department stores and restaurants to warehouses and online retailers, iPad retail stands can revolutionise the way retailers do business. An intensive study by Dionco and Microsoft Business Solutions found that the deployment of effective retail POS systems increased sales and reduced expenses, overall positively impacting profitability. iPad retail stands are the most advanced, flexible and effective POS system due to their unlimited potential to support all types of POS software. Here’s how they can increase sales in retail:

Hundreds of software options for all price ranges

Most retail POS software is internet based, so that it can be deployed on any tablet and housed in a secure tablet enclosure. This makes iPad retail stands the most accessible retail POS system to small and large businesses with or without large budgets. Every process a business could imagine, from collecting payment and customer data to advanced analysis or reporting is possible with the hundreds of POS software options on the market.

Tablet Enclosures and iPad Kiosks for Retailers and Retail

Closer proximation of POS systems

Bring the retail POS system to your customer with iPad retail stands. imageHOLDERS tablet kiosks can be placed on the wall, counter or be freestanding, ensuring every angle of your store is covered. Best of all – iPad retail stands can be integrated with sales devices for a complete self checkout solution.

Other ways iPad POS systems increase sales include:

  • Faster check out – reducing queues can dramatically increase transactions.
  • Faster approval of purchases – integrate your iPad retail stand with contactless payment.
  • Accurate capture of the exact item detail – no sales lost due to out of stock merchandise.
  • Related item or suggested item prompts – the cashier can suggest related products to increase average transaction value.
  • Transaction suspend feature – allowing the customer to add more items.
  • Gift receipts – smoother returns are associated with good customer service.
  • Average transaction and items per ticket data – managers can view average sales and analysis to improve processes.
  • Data collection for marketing – collect customer data to increase efficiency of marketing.
  • Display marketing – encourage users with visual display advertisements as they buy.

Make the first step in increasing sales from your retail business with an imageHOLDERS iPad stand today, such as the Slimline 10 secure wall mounted iPad kiosk.

Tablet Compact Kiosk for Retail POS Self-Service Kiosks

imageHOLDERS specialise in iPad retail stands with many device integration options and bespoke designs, ideal for retail self-service industries. For more information call +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US) or email [email protected].