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How Technology has Influenced Gyms and Leisure Centres

Exercise is hard, but technology can make visiting the gym slightly less painful. From quick and easy registration, avoiding queues when checking-in to booking your favourite exercise class, focus on your own fitness and make your journey stress free.

We explore the perfect gym centre journey, with technology joining up every area to help you reach your personal best.

In the Reception

Arrive at the gym and check- in at the tablet kiosk, book a fitness class or swim session and pick up your ticket or wristband. No queues just quick and hassle free entry.

Gyms & Leisure Centre Tablet Kiosk | Compact Kiosk Pedestal | imageHOLDERS

Want to join the gym? Work with the sales assistant to easily complete your registration in no time. No more paper forms, just fill out all your info on the tablet kiosk and your all set.

New to the gym, not sure where to go? Don’t worry, digital signage will point you in the right direction.

In the Studio

There is nothing worse than walking into the wrong studio class at the gym, so check the tablet kiosk outside for class schedule information. Use your gym card or even your fingerprint, as some advanced leisure centres fingerprint use biometrics to allow access and enter the studio.

Within the studio, the instructor uses the tablet kiosk to control the music, temperature and even the lighting, to get the perfect atmosphere for your buzzing spin class or relaxed yoga.

No instructor to take the class… no problem. Many gyms now offer virtual classes, just make your selection on the tablet kiosk and start your Zumba or CXWorx via the big screen.

In the Gym

Not sure what equipment to use or exercises to do? Don’t worry, just visit one of the tablet kiosks and it will have all the information you need to kick start your fitness session.

In the Bar/ Cafe

After a hard workout always rehydrate and replenish, visit the bar or cafe for a healthy snack, protein shake or fruit smoothie. In a rush just order and pay at the POS tablet kiosk and grab and go.

In the Spa

After all that hard work you deserve a break! It’s also important to maintain your muscles and body with regular rest and massages between workouts. What better way than to visit the gym spa for some R&R, check in at the spa via the tablet kiosk, book treatments and appointments.


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