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How Technology Can Enhance Small Businesses

It is important for small business to attract new customers and maintain loyalty from current customers. One way to do this is to provide unparalleled customer service with the support of new technology. All consumers have become accustomed to interacting with technology on a daily basis from the moment they wake up and use their phone, to ordering their lunch via a self-service kiosk.


Why should businesses invest in payment devices?

Small businesses, such as beauty and nail salons, may think that technology is out of reach for their business and is just too costly to implement. However, there are products that are attainable, have a lower cost of ownership and can help reduce business costs and improve customer service. An ideal solution would be a mini self-service tablet kiosk with a payment device such as an NFC reader that can take contactless and mobile payments, for example, Apple or Google pay.

What can these solutions offer a business?

Providing self-service solutions can free up time for staff to focus on providing high-quality service for their customers, instead of being interrupted to take payments or book future appointments. Customers can easily settle their accounts using the kiosk and have a selection of payment options available to them, instead of cash only.

Self-service kiosks can also reduce staffing costs as many small businesses have to hire extra staff to cover busier periods whereas self-service can help to ease the pressure and reduce queues.

Running a small business with cash only can lead to costly errors in payment, long periods of time reconciling end of day cash, security within the business and organising regular trips to the bank. All of which can be reduced by installing alternative payment options via a self-service kiosk solution.  

Loyalty schemes are a great way for small businesses to engage customers and encourage repeat business, and self-service kiosks provide the perfect solution to combine new payment methods with digital loyalty schemes all within the same solution. 


When should a business invest?

Small businesses need to think about their customer journey and meet their customers’ expectations as soon as possible and before their competitors get their first. It’s never too late to invest in new payment methods and now is a great time to invest as the cost of technology is reducing and becoming more accessible.  


What concerns may a business owner have with introducing this payment system?

Small business owners may be concerned about the rapid pace of technology and the speed with which it develops, so it is important to consider a solution that is fit for purpose and future-proof. imageHOLDERS self-service kiosk are designed to be modular so they can adapt with new and changing technologies when they become available.

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