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How Interactive Airport Kiosks Make Air Travel Safer And More Efficient

Technology allows us to adapt to the ‘new normal’ with frictionless and health-conscious devices, such as digital kiosks, every step of the way.


Rosie Ellis



Currently, interactive airport kiosks are at the forefront of the changes in border control for arrivals and departures, and during flights. Going forward, we predict a surge in biometric enrolment, prior to the day of travel. This technological development is already well underway and applied in various scenarios.

Completely integrative and inclusive biometric airport kiosks could be a transformative solution for frictionless flights and higher-security airport access control, therefore reducing the risk of spreading viruses, whilst also improving efficiency and security.

Below, we have outlined the various stages of a typical air-travel trip and highlighted how airport self-check-in kiosks and automated passport control mitigate risk and improve efficiency at each point.

1 Prior to travelling

The aforementioned biometric airport kiosks can hastily reduce queues and contact points, whilst still increasing customer flow. Electronic health certificates, passport details and visas, can all be uploaded to a secure platform before the day of travel, reducing the time spent for both staff and passengers during the check-in process and improving customer experience. Airport check-ins can also be scheduled to specific time slots, reducing contact in queues and therefore adhering to social distancing seamlessly.

Boarding passes and baggage tags can all be organised before flying; travellers will be issued with a barcode or QR code that can be scanned by an interactive self-service kiosk and the appropriate documents can instantaneously be printed from the same kiosk.

2 Arriving at the airport

Health and safety and mitigating risk are paramount for all staff and travellers when it comes to airport access control.

A complete interactive kiosk solution, such as our Guardian Kiosk Range, can efficiently monitor and health check all personnel at arrival. Implementing fever screening and a variety of additional health-conscious devices, imageHOLDERS airport kiosks ensure that employees, clients and visitors, are all protected and kept safe.

Our health screening Guardian Kiosks use infrared thermal imaging technology and ready-to-use software for super-fast integrated fever screening. Optional add-ons include hand sanitizer holders, QR scanners and anti-microbial screen protectors.

We encourage hand sanitizer dispensers and antimicrobial screen protectors to be added to all kiosks as standard for optimum safety.

The Guardian Kiosk range is easy to install and quick to implement, with software easily integrated. Safety questions can easily be added to the kiosk screen for extra safeguarding. Questions on where they’ve recently travelled to and from, where they’re going and questions regarding their general health and any current symptoms, for example.

3 Check-in

Self-service kiosks with integrated passport scanners, scales for bag drops, printers and, if necessary, contactless payment devices can singlehandedly manage the check-in stage of travel.

Simply scanning a barcode can automatically print the relevant boarding passes and baggage tags. An added payment device allows people to upgrade their flight, change seats and add luggage all at the hands of the same airport check-in kiosk. This can either be done by using the touchscreen, fitted with an antimicrobial screen protector and after using a hand sanitizer dispenser, or touchlessly using a mobile app.

4 Security

Passport scanners, biometric fingerprint readers, covid pass QR code scanners and facial recognition cameras allow for the highest border control security yet, and it can all be done frictionlessly using an integrated digital kiosk solution.

Advanced body and bag screening eliminate the need for more contact and the removal of liquids, belts, shoes and other jewellery to allow a seamless security check of travellers and their hand luggage.

5 In the airport

Digital airport kiosk solutions will also promote self-service shopping for reduced queues, higher efficiency, adhering to social distancing measures and mitigating the physical contact risk of spreading viruses and diseases. Contactless payments further the speed and health and safety measures.

Self-service kiosks can also be used in pubs and restaurants allowing for people to view the menu and order straight from the tablet on their table. Again, visitor management kiosks can be used at the entrance to shops and restaurants, should more health and safety checks be deemed necessary.

6 Touchless boarding

Airport kiosks with integrated scanner devices prove useful at the boarding gate. Boarding passes and passports can be scanned again, from a safe distance and with a hand sanitizer dispenser for risk mitigation.

Boarding apps could be used to clever, segmented boarding to reduce queues that risk social distancing.

7 On-board

Digital kiosks with anti-microbial screen protectors and contactless purchases can be implemented onboard the aircraft in order to reduce as much contact as possible. These interactive screens can display the onboard magazine and flight menu, and, in time, people could be able to order directly from these screens.

Hand sanitizer dispensers can also be integrated onto the plane and digital kiosks can manage queues for toilets.

8 Arrivals

On arrival, a similar airport access control system to the departures can be used for security and health and safety. Passport scanners, biometric enrolment and online custom forms allow a high-security and efficient arrival at the travellers’ destination.

Digital airport kiosks can also be incorporated in order to decide whether any travellers need to be quarantined upon arrival. Our integrated airport kiosks can use infrared camera technology to accurately and efficiently take the temperature to fever check and safety questions can be included on the kiosk screen. To allow a completely touchless exit, the traveller may answer questions using gesture control, to avoid touching any screens.

Covid pass QR code scanners can be integrated into the kiosk for the vaccine passport check.

At imageHOLDERS, we can produce a custom digital kiosk solution that is tailored to your needs. Learn more about our process or talk to a member of our friendly team to design the optimal airport access control system with our digital self-check-in kiosks. Contact us today to get started.

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