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Events, exhibitions and hospitality companies use health check kiosks to retain business

As Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, many are still unsure of returning to ‘normal life’ and may be hesitant to enjoy themselves at events, exhibitions and in hospitality environments. Health check kiosks enhance safety and encourage visitors by offering comfort and health reassurance.


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What is a Health Check Kiosk?


A health check kiosk can automate health screening for visitor management and access control.

The kiosk terminal can be integrated with additional devices that allow the one solution to check for fever with a temperature check or infrared camera, scan covid passes, scan vaccine passports and even offer a hand sanitiser dispenser as a requirement for entry.

They could also scan codes given from pre-registration forms, where the customer may have filled out a health screening check in advance of attendance.


imageHOLDERS Covid Pass Kiosk

Our Covid Pass kiosk can scan vaccine passports and/or QR codes efficiently, allowing for quick and simple visitor management with optimum security.

This enables businesses to adhere to legal requirements and health compliance for entry, based on the Covid-19 restrictions or specific business protocol at the time of the event.

The imageHOLDERS kiosk solution is modular, so additional devices can be added and removed as requirements are changed or updated.

Consequently, extra health-conscious and security devices, such as facial recognition cameras, temperature scanning cameras, biometric readers and non-touch hand-sanitiser dispensers, can be added to the kiosk design. These can also be removed or changed depending on the ever-changing pandemic climate.

Already have an imageHOLDERS self-service solution? Devices can be retro-fitted to the modular design to enhance the current visitor management or access control kiosk.

Covid Pass Interactive Kiosk

Secure Visitor Management & Access Control Solution

Efficiently Scan Vaccine Passports, Passenger Locator Forms or Covid Passes

24/7 Self-Service Solution

Ideal for Border Control, Travel and Healthcare Settings

Additional Devices can be Integrated for Optimum Safety & Security

Adhere to Current Covid-19 Restrictions, Legislation or Specific Business Pandemic Protocol

Health Check Kiosks for Events, Exhibitions & Hospitality

Covid Pass and Health Check Kiosk Solutions are multifaceted in the approach to health safety features and enhancing security.

The self-service solutions automate the handling of data so that contact tracing is a simple task that can be administered quickly and effectively, should this be required. Plus, kiosks can only allow entry for those who have been health screened prior to arriving, or on arrival, and those who do not meet the health compliance requirements will not be able to enter the premises.

This not only keeps visitors and staff safe, but also encourages a higher number of attendees because they are comforted that their health and safety is the upmost importance.

Key Benefits of Kiosks for Events

Health & Safety

Visitor Management can provide temperature checks with fever camera technology. Hand sanitiser dispensers can be installed along with QR codes for track and trace.

Reduce Queues

Efficient visitor management and self-service kiosks can reduce queues not only on entry but also inside the venue.

Boost Revenue

Improving efficiency and productivity whilst providing more opportunity for impulse buys will increase the overall profits of the function.

Increased Security

Highly secure access control kiosks will ensure that the event is safe and secure. Visitor management kiosks can refuse entry to anyone who hasn’t bought a ticket, signed up or is showing a fever.

Positive Customer Experience

Kiosk solutions will make the event more efficient and therefore there will be no disgruntled customers in long queues. Intuitive interactive solutions are also brilliant for improving the user journey.

ADA/DDA Compliant

iH kiosks are all inclusive; they are ADA and DDA compliant. Braille, headphone jacks and voice control can be incorporated into your kiosk solution. It can also be deployed at different heights.

Easily Share Information

Digital Signage improves the user journey by making communications and instructions easy for customers to follow. Interactive kiosks can be used as effective information points.

Lead Generation Tool

Registration and feedback/survey kiosks gather invaluable data for reporting and sign up contacts for future marketing communications or event information.

Contact Tracing

Visitor Management kiosks will have the data of all the people in the event, plus booking systems can show where customers were sat. This is ideal for contact tracing if required.

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